Jasper’s Preschool Photos

I admit that I was skeptical.. I almost didn’t even bother putting him in “nice clothes” because I figured I wouldn’t want the school pictures anyway. But, they do have their own sort of sentimental nostalgia, so I sent him in with instructions that he should wear his brown hat in some (got to give it a LITTLE style right?).

Two weeks later it was picture pick up day and I was so pleasantly surprised that I bought the most expensive package! I did hesitate for a moment – after all it’s not like I have any shortage of pictures of Jasper. But then I thought if I don’t appreciate the value of “good photography” who will?  I was just very happy with the expressions they got and the prints were beautiful.

Unfortunately the digital images that came in my email a week or so ago were not nearly as good. I think they have the lab color and exposure correct them because they looked way dark and dull on the digitals.. so shhh – don’t tell anyone I had to adjust these a tad.. (but makes me wonder about the other parents who bought digitals that don’t have photoshop and the know-how to use it- let’s hope they have print lab with great autocorrect!)



I think what it comes down to is that I’m just a sucker for that face! Can you blame me??

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Inna says:

I thought so =)

I work for them, and the whole set up looked very familiar!

Really love your work, very inspirational.

Inna says:

If you don’t mind me asking, what company shot the photos?

ariana says:

Don’t mind at all! It was Teddy Bear Portraits – http://www.teddybearportraits.com/

Farah says:

So cute!!

Did they try to comb his curls? They look better in your images. They did the same things in my grandson’s preschool. Leave those curls alone!

Carolyn says:

He’s adorable! I love his hair, what a cutie!!

Kimberly says:

I just picked up James’ preschool pics today, too… they are actually quite cute… I will get the class pic for sure, but I just fired off 500+ frames of the kids a couple of weeks ago, in the same outfit, and got some FABULOUS shots… so I’m torn about purchasing any of the preschool pics. Hmm.
Jasper’s are just darling… I don’t blame you ONE bit… he’s a doll!!

Sarah says:

Those are great! Last year I bought the whole package — all 3 poses, and the class photo (which I also adore). The background was a great fall scene and my then 2 y.o. was posed holding a football. It was so awesome. This year, not so much. :( The background was a garish, ugly fake school scene and it was so fussy it was distracting. I bought a few (including the generic blue backdrop ones) but sent most of them back.

Lourdes says:

These are AWESOME. So far, Wesley has taken two really bad school photos, lol. It doesn’t help that the people taking them are not very good photographers…sigh.

These photos are great! He looks like such a big boy with his hat on posing with his leg up. And what an adorable smile. Its kinda fun though too when the school photos turn out bad. (Did you see mycakies blog school photo? So bad but so funny).

Chantal says:

OMG, I’m so jealous! Annora’s pictures last year were so bad they were awesome, but this year she apparently had a fake half-smile (haven’t seen them yet) so the picture is gonna be bad. I can’t get many decent ones of her at home either, she doesn’t like posing. I am so jealous of your awesome pictures of Jasper!

pam says:

oh my gosh, that first picture is perfect! love it!

ariana says:

Ya know, I was just thinking about that – they didn’t do a class picture! :(

Ava says:

I’m glad you were happy with the pictures. Ours didn’t come out as great. The one picture that is really important to me, though, is the full class picture, so I always buy that one.