Bear & Bed

We have a little ritual at bath time. After I finish drying him off with a towel in the bathroom, he runs naked to our bed to get warm under the covers – a big fluffy down comforter. Normally this happens at night before bed, but Friday night we put off bath until Saturday morning, so Jasper was in our bed, with Bear and my camera was only one room away…

The light in our bedroom is spectacular for pictures, it comes in from camera left and we have those white paper accordion shades from home depot that soften it just the right amount.








{Can you believe how long his eyelashes are? Mine used to be like that too..what happened?}

My 50mm 1.4 lens is perfect for these types of shots (if you have a crop sensor camera a 30mm or so will give you the same field of view as my 50 on the full frame Mark II.)

I barely had to post process these, just a white balance adjustment, slight bump in the blacks and tiny bit of midtone lifting.

What’s fun about taking pictures with Bear in them is that Jasper enjoys it – he likes to see each picture on the back of my viewfinder!

In other news, we had our third IUI today, I sure hope this one works – if not, the next step is IVF. Jasper really wants a baby brother or sister..last time we left the RE’s office he said  “But mommy, why didn’t he give is a baby brother or sister?”

If only it were that easy..

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jbhat says:

I think you lashes stayed the same. Your face, however, got bigger ; )

The last one is my favortie, hands (and lashes) down. What a guy. Good for you for capturing these moments!


Kristin says:

do you remember what your settings were?

Just found your blog — your pictures are amazing and (I’m sure you know this :) Jasper is adorable!! Good luck with the IUI!

Kristin says:

These pictures are great. I have the same lens. What do you mean when you say slight bump in the blacks and midtone lifting? I’m a super amateur, can ya tell?

ariana says:

Hi Meagan, I actually think of you and your beautiful lifestyle photography when I take shots like this! :)

Anne, I believe they were at 2.0.. evidenced by the curls that are dancing behind and in front of the DOF plane!

anne laney says:

awww he’s so flipping adorable.. i hope this works for you!! the things we do to have children right? what f stop were these shot at? curious ;o)

It’s been so long since I took pictures like this of Xander. I need some. These are beautiful. We have zero light in our bedroom, but I’m okay with 1600, 1.4, 1/80. :)

Sending you baby vibes!!!