The Knighting of Sir Jasper

Like any overworked/tired/stressed mother I don’t miss an opportunity to multitask when it presents itself.  This extends also the recycling of costumes from Jasper’s themed birthday parties into Halloween only a few months later.

Last year, it worked out perfectly as he seamlessly transitioned from birthday buckaroo Jasper to Halloween Cowboy Jasper:

This year, after his superhero third birthday party I assummed he’d be a Superhero for Halloween and I tried to figure out how to make his costume warm enough that he wouldn’t have to hide it with a Jacket..

I came up with the idea of solid color thermals – which I thought was pretty clever – and in a rare bout of advanced planning I ordered them online from American Apparel.  It’s not like you can find plain solid color non-character ANYTHING these days in stores!

Fast forward a few weeks to the Halloween Parade in a nearby town that Jeff and Jasper planned to go to while I had a photoshoot.  We are frantically running around trying to find all of his superhero “parts” and I pull out the red thermals.  I must admit I wasn’t prepared for the look of horror on Jeff’s face when he saw them. Apparently I committed a major breech of superhero dress code because Jasper’s cape was also red – I was then schooled on how a superhero suit and cape cannot  MATCH  they have to CONTRAST (Duh!)

Jeff decided to take matters into his own hands and go out on a Hail Mary hunt for a blue suit.  I wished him luck (knowing full well that, like I said before, there is no plain ANYTHING anywhere to be found in stores) and he returned with a zip up fleecy mock turtleneck thingy that was fine save for the fact that it a kid’s small and was mid thigh length on Jasper.

It looked exactly like a tunic.. like a  Knight’s tunic! And then we remembered that my family had bought Jasper a Melissa & Doug dress up knight’s costume for his birthday..and the rest is history!

Here is an iPhone pic Jeff took of Jasper and Peyton at the Halloween parade in Nyack:

A few days later I took him to my studio to ATTEMPT some “Halloween Portraits.” He was uncooperative and my 24-70 lens seemed to be front focusing HORRIBLY, so I didn’t get many useable shots, but at least it’s something!



Last night (Halloween night) I wanted to do a mini photoshoot with Petyon and Jasper before we went trick-or-treating, but the timing and weather didn’t work out very well, and poor Jasper was SUPER crabby..but he perked up when King Daddy started sword fighting with him:







And then we all went trick-or-treating and much candy was eaten and much fun was had by all and there ends the tale of Sir Jasper the Knight!

I hope you all had a fun Halloween, we felt lucky to even be able to trick-or-treat at all this year only two days after a major freak snowstorm hit our area and we got over a foot of snow and power was out in 25% of our county!

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kari says:

he is the cutest knight i’ve ever seen!

Kristy says:

So cute! Where did you guys T or T? Miss you both!

Kimberly says:

So very cute…. and for as much as Jasper looks like you, in that second “Halloween Portrait,” he sure does look an awful lot like Jeff! Glad you had a fun Halloween!