Hurricane Weekend

I hope all of you fellow east coasters made it through the hurricane OK. We were very fortunate, we didn’t even lose power. Some of our local friends were not so lucky – the receptionist at our pediatrician’s office (and past client) had to be rescued by boat only one town over! Other friends in Jersey city (parents of twins) had 3 inches of water in the entire first floor of their house – what a nightmare to deal with.

Yesterday the day after the storm was a beautiful day and we’d been cooped up for a while so we took Jasper out for a Trikey ride. We are riding around enjoying the day and the wind starts to pick up.. and pick up.. then Jasper drops what he’s holding and covers his ears because it got so loud.. and then the trees started bending and then instinct kicked in and I literally grabbed him and ran in the house covering him with my body. It was SO windy after the storm- that’s when a lot of our county’s residents lost power, including my mom’s house while we were there visiting my parents and my sister and her boyfriend.

Jasper thought it was pretty fun to play with his castle by battery-operated-lantern light!

Speaking of Jasper, when I first got to my parents house my sister showed me a photo she’d found while looking through my parents’ boxes of old photographs:

Finally my family is convinced of what I’ve been telling them for three years: Jasper looks exactly like me when I was his age!

When I asked Jasper who this was a picture of, he said “Me and Peytie!”

Here is a picture of the REAL Jasper & Peytie:

Actually, Jasper & Peytie are much cuter than me and my friend in that unflattering little piece of history :)

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Lauren says:

Thanks Ariana… I didn’t have time to evaluate the local one for sale on short notice (they are returning it to B&H tomorrow morning). Bummed I didn’t get a chance to try it. I did see that B&H and Adorama have a used version of the lens for around $1400.. but I they don’t mention version one or two. You are probably correct.. though I’ll have to call and confirm. Thanks for the input! It’s hard to swallow the Mark II and this lens cost wise… so I thought I’d start with the lens. (although perhaps not the way to go…)

ariana says:

Hi Lauren,
I LOVE my 70-200, I use it ALL the time, but I have a full frame camera, so the focal length will be different for you on the 50D. Also, I have no problem buying used, but the Version II of this lens is MUCH better than the version I which I’m assuming the used one is. Hope that helps a little!

Lauren says:

By the way, I have a random photography question for you. I might have a chance to buy a used Canon EF 70-200 2.8 lens for $1300. (over $1000 off a new lens). I am hoping to get into childrens/family photography and have been considering this lens for beach photoshoots (we live at the beach). Have you ever bought a used lens from someone and do you recommend it? Also, is this a good investment from the standpoint of frequency of use for outdoor family shoots (or is there a better lens that you use more often?). I have a Canon 50D and bought the Tamron 28-70 that you have along with the Sigma 30 that you like so well. I’m thinking of upgrading to a Mark II .. but want to try it out first and see what kind of difference it makes. Thanks for the input!

Lauren says:

wow… I actually thought that WAS a photo of Jasper! And I think you look adorable. : )

On the hurricane note… luckily we fared well.. but surrounding neighborhoods in the Outer Banks of NC (where I live) had serious flooding damage. It will take a long time to repair our community from this one!!!

Wow, Jasper really does look JUST like you! That’s so special that you have that picture to make the comparison.

Glad you made it through the hurricane undamaged.

GiGi says:

the resemblance is amazing! I have some pictures of my DH as a young boy and you would swear they were our young man. He’s got my eyes though. ;+) So glad you guys are OK. I’d say think about moving to TX, but dealing w/ the heat is too much to ask of anyone. :+p

ariana says:

Cher – what a crazy coincidence!!!

Alexandria says:

Oh wow! Jasper is the spitting image of you at that age!

Cher says:

Hi, I stumbled across your blog by googling “Keurig tips” and while reading your ‘About me’ discovered you have a son named Jasper…well so do I and he was born Aug 7, 2008! Just thought I’d share since that’s not a terribly common name, ha!
I’ll be adding your site to my favorites since besides the fact that we have the same taste in boy’s names, I am also finally taking my love of photography to the next level, so I’ll be checking out your info in that area too!

I look forward to reading more….

ariana says:

Yes Ava, but as Jennifer pointed out – lots of other scary things :)

I know, crazy resemblance right? Luckily for Jasper though he got Jeff’s stronger jaw!

jbhat says:

Sheesh! The resemblance is uncanny. Well, I guess you are, you know, RELATED, but wow! Ringers.

I am glad you are okay! I sort of cannot imagine. But hey, we live in an earthquake zone and there are volcanic mountains practically surrounding us. So maybe no one is safe!


Ava says:

Woa! Jasper really DOES look like you. I coulda sworn that was a picture of him waiting the storm out.

Glad you guys fared OK. You know… there’s a lot less hurricanes out here in CA. Just sayin’ ;p