Almost Famous

The lovely folks at my “photography home” Clickinmoms interviewed me for their “CM Pro of the month” monthly feature and it was just posted today!

You can check it out here:

Other than for the local paper, I don’t think I’ve ever really been interviewed about my photography!

Plus, just between you and me, I have been feeling much less like a photographer than a template designer lately, so this was a nice little bit of recognition for my actual work as a photographer.  In all honesty, the other CM Pros are sooo amazing I normally feel completely undeserving to be in their midst, so to be featured like this makes me feel more like I actually have a right to be there!

It was really interesting picking the photographs for the feature.. they asked for 10. My photography website doesn’t have a “portfolio” section, so this picking of your best 10 images was a new and difficult experience for me.   Not only that, but I found myself looking at how all 10 worked or didn’t work together and obsessed about it for 3 nights before finally clicking send. (And I thought the interview questions would be the hard part!)

By far the most difficult though was choosing my “favorite image I’ve ever taken.”  Impossible! How can you answer that question?

But, it really made me think.   Of course I had to pick one of Jasper, but there are SO many to choose from. In the end I chose two (total Libra moment, couldn’t pick one!) that could really be considered snapshots – but what they show is our every day life, happy moments that Jasper will hopefully look back on with fondness.   I’ll let you click through to the post to find out which ones I chose :)

Big thanks to Clickinmoms and Sarah Phillips for the opportunity!

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ariana says:

Thank you all so much!

JustinK says:

If I have failed to say it before, let me say it now, I am proud of you Ari…and very impressed by your ambition and talent.

Karen H says:

Those were beautiful photos you submitted, just perfect! Congrats! They are lucky to have you there.

Lisa E says:

How awesome!!! You are famous and so talented!!!

Kristy says:

Such a wonderful interview! You deserve to be celebrated! Congratulations! (and the photos you picked as favorites brought tears to my eyes).