First Shoot in my New Studio!

At the end of last week, Chris and I spent a lot of time trying to get the studio set up. I had a maternity shoot this past Saturday, and I was really worried about the hot-spots that come in through the windows at certain times of day.  So we tried to figure out the best way to filter the light given the short time frame and the large size of the windows  – 83″ tall, but to go from the top to the floor it’s about 120″ which is longer than most curtains. For example most Ikea curtains are all 98″ and that is considered long!

Ikea DOES have a few curtains that go to 120″, but it’s a small selection. I chose the Vivan curtains and that’s what we hung:


They are just a teeny tiny bit too thin, they eliminate the HOTness of the hot spot, but you do still see some lightening on the floor where it was, so I’m not sure if we did the right thing or not.

We hung one of those Ikea wires to go across the back of the studio, the idea being that it could hide the couch and seating area so that we have a clean background to be able to shoot down the length of the studio. The wire is about where the orange tag appears on the plug to the right but high (12 feet high!)


So we need to find the fabric to hang on it! I originally thought we could sew two ikea curtains together, but that would leave a vertical seam half way through that I’m afraid would be visible.

My next thought was a fabric backdrop like maybe Denny’s Manufacturing solid white freedom cloth – but when I asked on my wall guides facebook page people said they were pretty thin, so I’m still not sure what to get. (Any ideas?)

Lastly, I finally, for the first time in my life scored a great free antique from the side of the road!!!!


Isn’t it gorgeous? Of course being my neurotic self I was RIDDLED with worry and regret that it might have bedbugs or something.. but I researched what to look for and didn’t see it, plus we cleaned it with the rug doctor.. I think it’s fine and can’t wait to use it!

So my shoot came around on Saturday and I needn’t have worried about hotspots – it was raining! Plus it was late in the day so despite all the windows there was very little light and I had to shoot at pretty high ISO.

But imagine my excitement when I saw the mamma-to-be:



Isn’t she absolutely STUNNING???

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ariana says:

Good point about the folds stephanie.. taught would actually be better because it would provide more of a clean canvas so to speak!

Stephanie says:

Lovely – the studio space and the mama. So, question: does the fabric you’re hanging from the wire need to hang flat/taut or can in hang like a normal curtain with soft folds of fabric? If it doesn’t need to be flat, you could sew 3 or 4 curtains together and the seams would be hidden in the soft drapes of fabric.

Emily says:

Beautiful. I LOVE the last shot. Absolutely stunning!

Staci says:

Congrats!!! So exciting. Love the chair. I can’t believe you found it on the side of the road!!!! And absolutely gorgeous maternity images!!!!

Lisa says:

Amazing studio space, great chair, and gorgeous maternity photos – congrats on all!

GiGi says:

she IS stunning and the studio looks amazing!

Miz boo says:

It’s wonderful!! Congratulations!

Jess says:

I love your studio and I’m excited to see what you do with it! I just wanted to commend you for your willingness to help out other photographers. I’ve come back to your site numerous times to watch a couple of your tutorials – they have helped me out a lot! Your blog is so helpful! Thank you!