Planning Super Jasperman’s Third Birthday Party

I am SOOOO behind on the party planning this year. So far, all we have is a theme, which you probably guessed from the title! For at least a year now I have been calling him super Jasperman and told him that his super power was big hugs (which works out pretty well for me!) but recently he decided that he has an additional power – fireworks – which I find rather odd being that he’s actually SCARED of fireworks. But then again, maybe there’s some weird Batman the beginning-esque logic to being what you fear most at work here??

At any rate, the theme is a cute one and I need to get ON it!! (Any tips would be greatly appreciated!) Here’s what I have so far:

I know I want to do a photobooth again this year, but I’m torn between ordering this cityscape backdrop from lemondrop stop :

or having Jeff design something more vintage comic book themed, but then I’d have to worry about how to get it printed big enough to attach to my seamless paper. Probably the backdrop is the way to go!

And then I need to work out party games etc.. I was thinking maybe design your own superhero mask? I tried making one for Jasper over the weekend.. he loves it even though I think I made it too tight!

Super Jasperman

It has a little thunderbolt on the side that you can see in this picture:

Super Jasperman

The cape is the cape from his superman costume of two years ago.. but it has velcro meant to attach to a shirt, so I’m thinking maybe I’ll order him one from etsy that velcros around the neck.

I just purchased a few of the props like we used last year from Maro designs on etsy:

There is no shortage of superhero cape sellers on etsy, as it turns out I’m rather picky about capes so I have some decisions to make!

And as for a gift for Jasper – I think it’s going to be hard to top the badass trikey we got him last year (seen in the picture above!) so any suggestions for gifts for a three year old boy would be greatly appreciated!

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Super Jasperman is looking awesome on those outfits. I hope he enjoyed his third birth day happily. Thanks for sharing. :)

Amy says:

We ordered a cape and “power cuffs” for my daughter and her two best friends from this etsy shop: We’re super happy with the quality and my daughter LOVES them!

katie says:

hey :) maybe a green screen and have them flying over a real city in pp!? maybe the last thing you need to worry about after a big party though! x

Missy B says:

I love Lemondrop stop- I think that backdrop would be adorable!

Yvonne says:

Zacky still loves to dress up in any superhero/fire/policeman outfit, so I highly recommend costumes for Jasper!!!

Stephanie says:

When he outgrows the trike, I HIGHLY recommend a wooden balance bike vs. a traditional bike with training wheels. With our older daughter it took years to break her of the training wheel habit. With our little one, she got the bike for Christmas and by summertime was riding her bike like a pro – no training wheels necessary. The Skuut bikes are a bit pricey but we found a knock-off version on Amazon (made by Smart Gear)and it has been fabulous!

GiGi says:

We did a ‘super hero training camp’ party for our boy’s 5th. held it at a tot gym, so they the obstacle course … crawl through things, jump over cushions, jump on trampoline. they did a water balloon toss where you were only supposed to throw them at the folks dressed as villains. was a cute idea.

design your own mask is a great craft. we went to one party where you did your cape (precut material with tie strings and stick on felt decorations).

I know it’ll be a huge hit! Have fun with it!

Tracy says:

Hi, Ariana,
My sister (professional party-planner extraordinaire!) had a Star Wars themed bday for her 6-year-old recently. I don’t know if you have space for this, but her activity was an obstacle course for the kids (I think). Probably takes a bit of prep work/planning, but could be a fun idea. Or maybe a super hero scavenger hunt? Finding lightening bolts or something like that?

Link to her blog describing the party attached:

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

– Tracy Pit