First Ordering Session with Organic Bloom Frames!

Two nights ago had my viewing/ordering/sales appointment with the family from this session.  Can you believe how cute he is?


Mom and I really clicked – sometimes you just know from the tone of an email or a phone conversations that certain clients are going to feel like old friends, and that’s how it was with the mom (Connie) from this session!  Like I mention in the blog post we had to cut our first session together short due to rain and they let it roll of them like it didn’t matter at all and then were totally up for rescheduling whenever/wherever I wanted. Seriously, if all clients could be this laid back photography would be a much easier job!

Anyway, so I had a feeling that mom and I had similar tastes, so I really wanted her to be the first client I showed the Organic Bloom frames to! I only finally just got my act together to become an OB reseller even though I’ve been working with the creators Andrea and Jason to do their frames in my wall guides since I met Andrea at ImagingUSA in January! But I only had the 5×7 frame that she gave me when we met, so I had ordered a sample set and color blocks. The color blocks I got within five days, but the sample orders take 15 business days or so, so I only had that 5×7 frame.. or so I thought.

Turns out, I somehow misplaced an ENTIRE large bag of my samples including a 16×20 canvas, some of the WHCC metal and wood finish standouts and my organic bloom frame. I seriously wanted to cry. How I misplaced such a large bag I have no idea, but I was just grateful it wasn’t the bag with my sample albums!  So I was searching in vain for the bag everywhere when I found the 5×7 OB frame that I had put in a black soft bag to protect. Yay!   But when I took it out of the bag I realized that the bag had somehow stained the finish black – boo!  So I typed a desperate email to Rachel at OB and asked if there was any way they could 2 day ship me ANY frame they had laying around.  She had an 8×10 Mary Ann with the Antique glaze on it, so I said yes please (even though I wasn’t sure about the glaze) and got it the next day!

I literally squealed when I got that package – I knew I loved OB frames, but this one (8×10 Mary Ann in Jamaican Seas with antique glaze) is STUNNING.  I know, I shouldn’t even be typing this post without taking a picture of it, but I haven’t had time to take a pic that would do it justice!

So, I went to the ordering appointment armed with my new 8×10 frame which is actually an impressive size in the OB frames, maybe because those pretty scrolly shapes add a lot more size than a plain frame?

And then I got there, set up for the slideshow and realized I’d fogotten my bag with the sample in it. DOH! My excuse is that I was at the tail end of a nasty cold- I had been out of it for days. ( Not sure how that explains misplacing the other bag of samples!)  Luckily Connie was totally fine with me running home to get them, which gave her some time to sit with the images and figure out what she wanted.

Then we got down to the ordering and she loved the OB frame – and I realized I had forgotten the color blocks.  Yeah, it was that kind of day.

LUCKILY, I had been working on my wall guides/OB product and have it to the point that I can use it during sales sessions to provide a very good mock up, so we were able to create something gorgeous for Connie anyway:

They are planning an expansion of their house so the frames will go in their new family room. The wall color was one I picked with my wall guides that I thought would match the images and black frames well and using this awesome website I was able to match the hex color from my wall guides to a Benjamin Moore paint color (Azure Water  – 677.) Connie loved the mock up so much she might paint her new family room that color!

(This experience made me realize how full circle my world has come, starting out as a home/renovation/decor blogger, then going to photography, then creating these wall guides which in some ways is like a combination of home design and photography! )

Anyway, I really loved being able to offer her the OB frames because it feels like I’m finally offering a FULL service rather than leaving it up to the client to get framing done on their own.  Plus, even 8x10s (and certainly 11x14s) look really impressive in the OB frames, and since those are sizes I offer with pretty much all my packages it doesn’t take much for the client to upgrade a bit to a frame and get much more than just the “gift prints” included with my lower packages.   In fact, that’s the only concern that I have with the frames is that it will eat too much into my canvas sales.   The markup on the frames (if you use OB’s suggested retail price) is really low, so it is almost more of a service to your clients rather than a way to increase your bottom line. I might adjust the prices I offer them at in the future for that reason. (I’m Curious to hear how those of you that sell OB -or any frames- mark them up for profit if you don’t mind sharing?)

And because I love it soooo much, here’s is one of the wall mock ups I prepared  for my next ordering session for the gorgeous twins I shot a month or so ago:

The Organic Bloom Wall Guides are my next major project once I (finally) finish set III.. can I please just have 24 more hours in each day?? :)

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Lauren says:

Thanks so much for the input Ariana! I get nervous pricing the larger frames at any more than 50% since it puts the price so high.. but this really is a super custom order for her (custom print sizes and more)… so perhaps I will go for it. I think I am going to encourage glazed since she wants neutral colors. I was thinking of ordering her frames with the discount along with my studio samples since there is a once a year discount on as many frames as you like. I just need to decide what I want before ordering for her!

ariana says:

Hi Lauren, they stopped doing that because they realized that every photographer has a different you need to price for profit for YOU. I wouldn’t use your sample discount for a client – what if later you decide you need samples for YOU? I honestly can’t tell you how to price them, but I would say no less than 30%, probably somewhere between 50-100% at least. The neutral colors look amazing glazed!

Lauren says:

Hi Ariana.. I know this is an older thread… but was wondering what you ever worked out with frame mark up? They don’t even have a suggested mark up anymore. (but I’m guessing from above it was 30%). I have my first “real” client ordering prints and such… and she wants to order a few large frames that will cost around $170 or more wholesale each.. and a few smaller ones as well. I haven’t even given her prices yet! (I did tell her these frames run pricey). A local competitor has the 5×7 frame at a 30% mark up (+ the cost of the print)… so I’m wondering if I should stay in that ballpark. I have NO idea what to base the mark up on. I will be making my first order with them so I can get the one time discount on these (which is great). She is ordering more neutral colors but not sure if I should go for the glazing or not. Do you have any photos of the one you mention above?

Tira J says:

Ariana, I am seriously drooling over all things OB this week. I ordered my color samples last week and will be doing my studio sample order next week once I decide on the colors. I am so tempted to order just one right now so I can get my hands on it. Anyways, I CAN’T WAIT for your next wall guides with the OB frames. Oh, and about the markup, I will be fiddling with that too, as I want it to be worth my time, etc. xoxo

Aimee says:

Yes I mark them up higher than the suggested retail. I try to at least double the profit or more if it still seams reasonable. I make zip on them and I don’t want to waste my time with a product that brings me no money. 30% of that markup goes to taxes which leaves like $10 a frame. No way!!!!

Kristen says:

I just made my first order last week! Now you have me even more excited to get it!

ariana says:

Jennifer, tell them I sent you :) You will LOVE their frames.. definitely get some of your samples gazed. I was blown away how beautiful my glazed sample was even though I thought I liked the plain ones better!

But yeah, my wall guides will definitely make selling them easier.. there are so many different colors and shapes that it’s pretty hard to visualize how it would come together otherwise!

Jennifer says:

Gahhh!! Must have those frames!! I will have to contact them about becoming a reseller. SO gorgous. But I would for sure need your guides with them in it to sell it:)