As I mentioned earlier in the week, Jasper’s daycare is having  bike safety week and also a Trikeathon for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital which happened on Wednesday.

It was totally adorable, but completely chaotic!

Picture 20+ kids, some of whom can’t really ride a tricycle riding around a parking lot that had a lowgrade slope at one end such that they would go down one side really fast and then get stuck at the other side needing assitance to get back up the “hill”.

Jasper was PARTICULARLY annoyed at having to pedal up hill, so much so that he would get to the bottom and start fake crying demanding for me to push him back up.  As you can imagine, this greatly impeded my ability to take photos of the event!  But, I did manage to capture some of the essence of Jasper and his badass Trikey.

It was kind of the envy of all the kids and teachers – it’s actually scary how much he looks like he could be on a Harley Lowrider in some of these pictures…

On your marks, get set.. go!






Mr Badass




Drinking water after to cool down:






I have a lot of individual portraits of the kids, but I don’t have model releases for everyone so can’t really share them all here :(

I used my 70-200 for these, as I have a hard time taking that lens of my camera I love it so much!

It was HOT (like 80+ degrees hot) and very sunny, so it was challenging not to get too many blowouts from the sun without underexposing horribly, but I did have to underexpose some.

So to edit these, I used the “bright all over” and “basic contrast color keeper” from Michelle Kane’s actions that I’m having a lot of fun with right now. It actually went super quick, I didn’t really need to do anything else.  I think the trick with sunny conditions is to use a LOT of “fill light” in post, which you can achieve by doing a curves adjustment layer and pulling up the midtones a bunch.  It fills in the harsh shadows from the sun.

So that’s the trikeathon report, I hope to have some new images to share on Monday..

Have a great weekend!

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pam says:

That sounds like hell. Ha! We have those same trikes and only a small, slightly sloping driveway. There’s a reason I hardly ever take the boys out to ride them. Heh.

Karen H says:

Really great photos!

ariana says:

Yes Heather, I’m getting lots of those glimpses lately.. so bittersweet!!

Heather King says:

Great shots! In that second last one, him sitting on the curb – he looks so much older all of a sudden! You get a glimpse of what the older boy will be …

And I love the bike too. Glad everyone had a good time.

These are adorable. How fun!!!