Kangaroo on Board

This week is “Bike safety week” at daycare and, blow me over but it’s working!

Last night we were hanging with Popop on the deck and Jasper got on his tricycle and said “Where’s my helmet? We need to wear helmets so that if we fall off we don’t get hurt.”  Have I told you how much we love our daycare?

Anyway, that lasted for a few minutes until the strap under his chin started to annoy him.  It’s too loose and he won’t let me adjust it, so he has to keep his mouth open wide as in the above to get it to stay on. It’s always something with this kid…

Today is the St. Jude’s Trike-a-thon at daycare so the kids bring in their helmets and trikeys from home and ride laps around the parking lot etc.  It’s threatening rain but I’m very excited about the potential photo opps. Wish me luck!

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kim says:

I just found your blog and love it. I think it was through your lightroom video. I see you mentioned Michele Kanes actions. I have been debating about ordering or not since I already have several others. Have you used most of her actions in the set? What are your thoughts? BTW, I appreciate your tip on the curves/fill light in this posting and love the way your enhanced the color w/ the actions! Beautiful!

Kimberly says:

OMG so cute… he is a funny little man!!!

ariana says:

I think so too Heather. Lets see if it sticks :)

I know Lynn, I swear if they sold a padded bubble I’d buy one.. though I’m sure Jasper would refuse to wear it LOL.

Lynn says:

Cute! I’ve yet to buy a helmet for my kids, but my 5 year old is wanting to learn how to ride a “real” bike soon, so I’m probably going to buy her a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc!

Heather says:

I love the kangaroo! So cute! It’s also terrific that they’re doing a bike safety week.