Florida Trip Part IV: Marco Island

Jeff was born in the Bronx but his family moved to Marco Island when he was a teenager and his dad still lives there.  Jeff’s dad “Grandpa Falerni” hadn’t seen Jasper since he was 5 weeks old!  He had come up to visit when Jasper was at the HEIGHT of his reflux (prior to prevacid!) and Jasper basically screamed at the top of his lungs the entire trip.

Well, thanks to being sick Jasper was SUPER cranky and whiny.. we joked with Jeff’s dad that not much has changed. Seriously though, it was really difficult, nothing was making Jasper happy. Pretty much everything made him melt down at the drop of a hat, even things he normally loves like the beach.

What DID make him happy was sneaking out to the pool area which was completely accessible via the open french doors around the house  (which of course meant we had to by HYPER vigilant of his whereabouts at all times!)IMG_1524-Edit


Our first full day we decided to head to the beach, Grandpa Falerni even brought his fishing pole!






Marco Island

Remember that hat we bought at the Animal Kingdom? We finally convinced him that the sun wouldn’t bother him so much if he wore it and sunglasses. That helped his mood a bit, but we still were only able to spend about an hour at the beach before he got too cranky and we had to leave. That night, the 10 year old future step son of Jeff’s cousin came over and he and Jasper had a COMPLETE blast. It was seriously the first time we had seen Jasper truly happy the whole trip.

The next day we forwent the beach altogether figuring he’d rather play in the sprinkler park at Mackle Park.. he wanted nothing to do with the sprinklers, but he DID enjoy the swings!




That night we went back to the beach to see the sunset. The beautiful thing about sunset on the west coast (as all you lucky west coast dwellers know!) is that the sun sets on the water. It’s such a gorgeous site that that tons of locals and tourists alike head to the beach for sunset..







West Coast sunset!

And, like a rare sighting of a mythological creature even I got in the picture!

Yes, I really do exist!

After the sun finishes setting everyone on the beach claps and Jasper got in on the action.


The next morning we woke up early and packed up to drive across the state back to Fort Lauderdale. Jasper entertained himself at the airport by doing this:


Predictably, Jasper got well the second we got home. I’m thinking it might be a while before we take another family vacation! ;)

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Totty says:

We did Marco Island 2 years ago … I’m so ready to go back, I miss it! The shelling was amazing :)

ariana says:

Totty, where did you stay? Did you go to Mackle park? If you go back, definitely check out the park, Jasper loved it!

Ms Baby says:

Just got my new Canon Rebel this week! I unpacked it and have let it sit. Your photos inspired me to get out and actually learn how to use it!

Karen says:

These photos are great, LOVE the sunflare and backlighting! You should make an album/blurb/shutterfly type book of just this trip. I am sure Jasper would love that. And I agree with other comments here–you need to get in the photos more!

jbhat says:

Wow, that beach is absolutely incredible. And hey, as a photographer, you should know that kiddos will want to see what Mommy looked like when they were little! Don’t be so rare : )

Parenting amnesia is powerfully potent. It can be difficult to do ANYthing with a sick little one, but it sounds like you guys had a wonderful time overall. I hope you got to sneak in a little vacation nookie too. (gasp! yes, I went there!!)


ariana says:

Very wise Heather.. already I am starting to forget the bad times, the pictures of Jasper smiling and laughing definitely help! I’m sure eventually we’ll look back and say wasn’t that trip awesome? :) Parenting amnesia.. we couldn’t survive without it!

Heather says:

I love the photo of you and Jasper on the beach, and you’ve got such great photos of your whole trip. As I see it, with toddlers and vacations…you’ll be glad you went overall. It’s not necessarily relaxing, but in a life time of memories, it will stand out.