Newborn Max

I haven’t been shooting so much these days because my Wall template business keeps me very busy, and honestly, it’s much more lucrative than photography, so it’s hard to justify shooting rather than working on them. But, I do want to keep evolving as a photographer, no matter how slowly.

I learn a few new tricks at every shoot, and this one was no exception..

I learned that there is a perfect angle for those parents holding baby shots, you need the duo angled at about 45 degrees. If you aren’t liking what you see, ask them to turn around, or just MOVE around until you get the perfect light. You will know when you see it because it will take your breath away!

Here is where I started, with dad’s back to the window on camera left, angled slightly so there was still some light on him. I think I posed them this way initially so that the majority of light would fall on the baby:

It’s a nice shot. But you can see how much flatter it is than when I flipped them around and angled them more at 45 rather than say 80 degrees:

So much of the time I’m focused on posing, exposure, focus etc that I forget the MOST important ingredient: the quality of the light.

This was also the first time I photographed mom in a long sleeve black shirt. Previously I’ve been an advocate of more skin for mom – maybe just wrapping her in something. But the great thing about long sleeves and black is that her body can be completely faded into the background if you want to, which is incredibly slimming! No need to worry about hiding that postpartum bump.. or even about arms looking big. Look how beautiful mom is here!

This was also the first time I used the gray “Mongolian fur” fabric from fabric depot.  I love it!! Definitely recommend getting a yard:

And lastly, I found a pose for mom, dad and baby that we all loved:

In the past I have skipped the whole family in favor of individual shots of mom with baby and dad with baby separately.  It seems so shortsighted now, the arrival of a new baby is as much about his/her birth as it is about the birth of this new family unit, and that needs to be documented.

If you want to see these bigger, I just posted them up on my photography website!

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Lynn says:

Very beautiful shots! Do you do a lot of editing in post to get a darker black?

katie says:

Ariana, beautiful, and I have to say how delightful the shot is of bub on the fur.. just as though he is finding it so, so ticklish! x

Nina Designs says:

This is so beautiful! I cant wait to have photos taken with my little girl. For now I’m happy with the 3d shots I have (and shared in my blog today!).
Great work!!

Carrie says:

Do you only use natural light for your photography? I have soft boxes but am drawn to natural light for its beauty, thinking about switching. Is a north facing window the best?

Sarah says:

I love the baby’s expression in the furry photo. Baby looks so happy!

I’m surprised that in your previous work you skipped the whole family shot. How did teh families feel about it? I would have been bummed not to have those.

That was the only reason we did any pro shots when my son was a baby — to get our whole family in the frame. Hubby and I took photos of our son alone and with each of us, with the other behind the lens and the only missing piece for us was us, together, with our son.

Cathy says:

I love the idea of all black to make the family a cohesive group and put the emphasis on the baby ! I am all about fur it is such a great texture contrast to baby skin!