Jasper’s Big Day in the City

Auntie Roxy is in town to visit because Uncle Adam is working in the city for a few weeks – yay!  We haven’t seen them since our trip out to LA in September, so it’s always a special occasion when we get to spend time together.  Jeff had to run an errand in Manhattan, so he dropped Jasper and I off at Adam’s hotel and then we headed out to Central park for a walk.

Normally I’m the only one taking videos and photographs – but Uncle Adam is just as obsessed with photography as I am, so between the two of us we have quite the document of the afternoon/evening!



(this is after I asked him who his girlfriend was!)


(tap dancing?)


taking a rest on a bench with Auntie Roxy


Chasing and being chased around the tree by Uncle Adam


Then we found a man blowing giant bubbles!!




We had to give him money of course..

Adam shoots with a vintage medium format camera with a poloroid back (I can’t remember the name) and got these beautiful shots:

Jasper transfixed by the street performers (you can see the guys legs in the air behind Jasper's head!)

Walking down the steps with Auntie Roxy

After our excursion to central park, we met up with Daddy and headed to a little Ramen place with a sign that said “LARMEN”.. hmmm.

Once again, thanks to Uncle Adam we have some excellent footage.. Jasper with his GIANT bowl of noodles:

When I saw how funny this picture was (that bowl looks enourmous compared to Jasper!) It jolted me into the realization that I was missing a great photo op.. so I snapped a few more:




But by far the best documentation the dinner is this iPhone video Adam took of Jasper eating a noodle..

Or maybe it’s this one of Jasper and his chopstick nipples that Auntie Roxy took with her phone!

Either way, it was a great afternoon and evening – we will keep our fingers crossed that an opportunity comes through that will keep Auntie Roxy and Uncle Adam will be in town a lot more in the near future!

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Karen H says:

Thank you for answering my question :):):)

ariana says:

Jaymi, I don’t, but I was literally just thinking about this yesterday, I think I should start again.. there are so many cute little things he does and says that I won’t remember otherwise!

Karen- I was torn, MOST times I’ll just take my Tamron 28-75 because it’s so light, but being that it was central park and Jasper looked extra cute in his hat muscled up and brought/used my 70-200!

The noodle images at the end were shot though with my 50 1.4, there wouldn’t have been enough light (or room!) to get those with the 70-200.

Karen H says:

Very cute photos! Ariana, what lens do you take when you go on an outing like this? I always want to take my nifty 50 because it is light and fast, but I often feel I miss shots and wonder if I should have taken a zoom. What lens did you use here?

Mrs Brown says:

Wow, here comes a personal question…. Do you still write Dear Jasper letters every month?

Jaymi says:

these are ADORABLE! I especially love the first couple of shots!

ariana says:

Thanks Julie! I think we got it at H&M in the fall.

Jb – he is a total ham.. but that’s to be expected with a Leo. Is Stella exhibiting similar sings of haminess?

jbhat says:

He is such a HAM. I love it. He dresses just like Jeff, which is awesome. And the vintage style photos are amazing. What a fun day! I love that you got to spend time with your sister too.


Julie says:

Great photos! I adore that first one! Where did you get his cute hat??