Rear Facing Until Two: New AAP Recommendation.

Finally, the AAP came around to what most of us moms already knew (you DID see that horrifying video right?) about rear facing car seats..if that video isn’t enough to make you keep your child rear facing as long as possible, perhaps this statistic will:

“Children under 2 are 75% less likely to die or be severely injured in a crash if they’re in rear-facing car seats, according to the policy statement, published today in the journal Pediatrics.”

Good for the AAP for finally getting with the program.. but it kinda makes you wonder what took them so long and why it’s takes reading mommy blogs and FB links to viral videos to actually get the most up-to date CORRECT information¬† incredibly important safety issues like this!

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christopher says:

This is some pretty important information, after reading this I might just need to go guy a rear facing car seat as soon as I get paid… Thanks.

Emily Kate says:

Twice already I’ve had a friend (fellow young mother) whine about it and how lame they think it is. I was shocked! One of them has a 16 month old who was forward facing in the car (with my 12 month old rear facing)at the time of the conversation. I tried to be tactful while still expressing my feeling that if it’s safer, especially HUGELY safer, we’re doing it as long as possible, even if it means a grumpy kiddo in the car. I’m seriously shocked at the complainers! Who can complain about research based safety recommendations for our kids??

Audra says:

My son is 17 months. Shortly after I saw the video you posted here about staying rear-facing we decided to keep him this way! You wouldn’t believe the reactions I got from coworkers, etc., when we discussed it. They acted like we were almost being mean! Anyway, thanks for posting that months ago!

ariana says:

Courtney, I haven’t read any of those people who say it’s crazy, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would argue with proven statistics about how it saves lives!

Courtney says:

I am shocked people think it is crazy. I have been reading all over the web how crazy it is and of course the standard, we didnt even sit in carseats (the same type of response I get when I say we only eat organics. I feel like unless they really research the information and show people why it needs to be done it will just get heckled by people who think we are coddling our children instead of realizing it saves lives.

Kristy says:

They also want kids in boosters now until ages 8-11 or height of 4.9!

Molly says:

I’m glad this is finally in the news – all of my friends/family thought i was a freak for keeping my son rear facing past 1. I turned him when he was just over 2, but now I’m wishing I had kept him rear facing…. i think i selfishly agreed to turn him because it’s so much fun to have conversations with him on our way to daycare, etc. =(

Marisa says:

Hooray! Now everyone, go spread the word to your mommy friends.

Katie says:

I’ve been wondering what’s taken them so long as well! I’ve known this info since my daughter was born 4.5 years ago and she stayed rear-facing until 2. My pedi with my 22 month old had the new info when he was newborn and informed me of the new recommendations to stay rear-facing until 2 (not a problem – he’s still rear-facing and isn’t 20 lbs yet either!)