Pretend Play

So a few months ago I can remember complaining to anyone who would listen that Jasper had completely stopped being able to entertain himself for more than .5 seconds. That stage lasted a few months, and then gradually he’s gone the other direction – I sometimes catch him role playing with his toys for extended periods of time.. and then I grab whatever recording device is handy and then it’s usually all over.

But this time, I persuaded him to keep going with the show..

Anyway, I’m just SO glad that Jasper has “re-learned” the joy of entertaining himself – it’s a real mommy sanity saver!

In other news, I recently discovered that feedburner, the email subscription service that I use for this blog had an old email address as the “send” address. So that means I never saw message from anyone who subscribes by email and hit reply to respond to my post! I apologize profusely, I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose, I just have a bad habit of abandoning email addresses. It won’t happen again!

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Mrs Brown says:

Thank you! Ellie watched Jasper twice in a row so I could make coffee this morning!

Cole says:

Omg, so cute! I love his adorable curls :)

kari says:

Liam came over to watch his friend Jasper play horseys too!