First Call to Poison Control..

Don’t let the angelic smile fool you, this toddler is hell bent on sending his mamma to an early grave for heart failure!

Two nights ago, in an unaccustomed bout of domesticity I was preparing a REAL dinner – one that requires cooking things  – things that have not already been pre-cooked and just need warming. So Jasper was playing by himself in the other room for a good 30 minutes or so.  During that time he asked me for his gummy bear vitamins, and of course insisted that he had to take them out himself, which entails him dumping way too many on the coffee table and me putting all but three (one serving) back into the bottle.

This time, mother of the year over here forgot to get them back.  So I finish up dinner and bring it into the other room on a plate for him when I see him contentedly chowing down on gummy bears and a giant 2/3rds empty bottle next to him.

I honestly have NO idea how many he managed to ingest during my Martha Stewart escapades in the kitchen, but I assumed he had plenty of time to effectively OD on vitamins.

I called the pediatrician, who told me to call poison control (after reassuring me that as long as the vitamins don’t contain iron that he most likely would be fine – they didn’t) which I did. The nice poison control operator (Susan in case any of you have the misfortune of needing to speak with her!)  had me count the remaining bears and read off the level of vitamin A per serving.

In the end she calculated that he would have needed to eat 120 bears to have an unsafe level of vitamin A in his system.  I was pretty confident that he didn’t manage to eat anywhere near THAT many, so I was very relieved. She did say to keep him up for a few hours to make sure he showed no signs of vomiting or head ache etc.   He didn’t, but we had a hell of a time getting him down that night, no doubt due to all that vitamin B coursing through his system!

The next day I expected there to be some blow outs in his diaper, but daycare said he had a normal poop, so perhaps he hadn’t really eaten any extra at all and I only had just caught him in the act! Either way, it was a good wake up call for me to try to be much more present when we are home together – even while I’m trying to multitask and do a million other things. And really, I should have known better because  is any toddler who is alone and quiet for 30 minutes EVER up to any good?

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I remember eating tons of Flintstones one day when I was a kid. My mom had to take me to the E.R. Poor lady. I was fine.

Katherine says:

The same thing happened to me with a bottle of Benadryl. I left it open (stupid) and he found the thing and I caught him saying “Mmmm!” so I had no idea how much he ingested. Later, I concluded it was probably none. Thanks for sharing this!

Valerie says:

Don’t feel to bad. This was your first call which is awesome and he ate real food. You want to hear an embarrassing call? I had to call poison control when my 8 month old crawled into the kitchen with the dead bird my cat brought in in his mouth! EWW

ariana says:

@Kimberly, it was pretty good, but cold by the time I got to it :(

@ Sheila, it’s juts a comforter cover I got a long time ago at Home Goods!

Sheila says:

Ahh I love this photo! He is too cute.
p.s love the blanket, where’s it from?

Kimberly says:

Oh, Ari! I can just imagine that feeling of terror when you realized… I’m so glad it was just a scare and Jasper is OK! It’s true… any time a toddler quiet for any amount of time, it can’t be good. Hope your dinner was delicious though! :)

ariana says:

Aimee, that is SO frustrating!! Thank god he was OK.

Alexandria & Andrea, don’t feel bad, I’m just REALLY neurotic LOL!

Andrea says:

My 17 month old ate laundry detergent 2 days ago and I’m embarrassed to say it didn’t even cross my mind to call poison control until I just read your post. He’s fine. You’ve got one up on me in the mothering department!

Alexandria says:

I am so glad Jasper is fine. And I’m really glad you posted this because (and I feel like a crap mom for saying this) if Phoenix would have eaten more then like 10 gummies it would not have occurred to me to call poison control. So lesson learned for me too.

Aimee says:

Don’t worry! It happens. Our first poison control call was because Cole ate expired migrane medication (probably 15-20 years expired). Seriously! We purchased the house my husbands deceased aunt owned. All her stuff was in the garage. We finally got a dumpster and prepared to clean everything out. Cole (who was 2 at the time) was digging though boxes and found what he thought was candy! Grandma turned around in time to see him chewing and white powder all over his mouth. Poison Control sent us to the ER (with a call ahead preparing them for our arrival) We see the doc 2 HOURS later (some emergency right?) and they said that it is an upper and downer in one and if he were to have a reaction it would have already happened. Thanks, could I have saved the $250 ER visit as stayed at home. UGH!!!

ariana says:

I must say… I am more than a little comforted that this seems to be a fairly common occurrence :)

KatLee says:

Oh my…my 2 year old pulled this the other night too, and it was the first time I have ever had to call poison control (and hopefully the last). So glad he is ok!

My son did that too, but he stole them ran upstairs and had a “vitamin picnic” all unbeknowst to me! Glad your little guy is well, but wow scary isn’t it?

Elizabeth says:

awww… glad everything is ok! Scary stuff… I know that’s going to happen to me one day, and I’m not looking forward to it!

Joelle says:

First off, I can’t blame him – those are tasty vitamins :) Second, why is it that kids are so darn quiet when they are up to no good.
Glad he is fine!

Sarah says:

Glad he is okay! In our house, one minute of silence from our 2.5 year old = poop so we never leave him alone for very long.

kari says:

so glad he’s ok!
loved reading this story, of course because it has a happy ending.
love the photo too!

Jackie says:

after reading my daughter “george’s marvellous medicine” my eight year old decided to make a potion up of everything in the bathroom and finishing it off with filling it with glitter. She left it in the bathroom, and it just looked so appealing to my three year old. I asked my 3 year old if she drank it – she shook her head – but the glitter round her mouth just gave it away!! luckly she was fine. x

jbhat says:

30 minutes? I start panicking at 30 seconds. Our little one is into EVERYTHING, and it’s never quiet. When it is, I know she’s up to something, and it usually involves me rescuing her from something. Eek!

I am GLAD Jasper is fine. What a scare.


Heather D says:

We had the same thing happen here about 3 months ago! My 2 year old had climbed on the kitchen counter and got his vitamins off the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet. I found the bottle with only 5 left in it! I FREAKED! He was okay though :)