Jasper Quotes Literature

Last night I was giving Jasper some cheddar bunnies to keep him busy while I prepared dinner. I placed a few on his high chair tray and he said “Thank You and Lucy”.

Well, that’s what I THOUGHT he said anyway. I couldn’t figure out what in the world he was talking about. Who was Lucy, and why would he thank her too? So I asked him where that was from, expecting him to say daycare, but he said “Paddington Bear Mommy!”

And it was then that I realized he had said “Thank you, AUNT Lucy” as in :

“Please take care of this Bear. Thank you, Aunt Lucy. “

My baby made his first literary reference!

So, ok, it’s not Emerson or anything, but it’s not like he’s been exposed to much more than Curious George and Dr. Seuss so I still think I have reason to be very proud :)

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Alexandria says:

My son often uses Thomas the Train “speak” which is confusing at times, but oh so adorable.

jbhat says:

He’ll be quoting from Shakespeare next, I tell you.


ariana says:

Maegan that’s AWESOME!!!! YAY! Here’s my advice to you: Don’t make the same mistake we did by telling him that pull ups are “big boy diapers” because now when we are trying to tell him that big boys don’t wear diapers they wear underpants he is VERY confused!

Yay for Jasper! Xander also had a big night last night. He peed on the potty for the first time. I think it was my most proud moment as a parent so far! He was so excited!!! We all were!!!