I have BIG NEWS. And yes, it’s about poop.

this is serious business people.

So I know that I am supposed to writing about the Adobe Girl’s Getaway – and that’s coming  this afternoon. But something happened last night so important that it  has interrupted the regular news cycle: Jasper pooped on the POTTY for the first time ever!

He’s been peeing on the potty at home for at least 6 months, but he’s always stood up (his aim is actually quite impressive!) because he has always been afraid of actually SITTING on it, which obviously made pooping a bit of a problem.

We generally have a lot of warning that he is about to poop, so it would have been easy to get him on there in time, but our attempts were always met with an adamant “NO WAY!”

So yesterday the poor thing was incredibly constipated – I think it had been 4 days since his last poop (Jeff apparently didn’t give him a single vegetable the whole time I was away!) and Jasper was miserable and had been trying all day. Finally at bath time he was naked in the bathroom and ASKED if he could use the potty!  He had to sit there for a while, so I ran to get a book to keep his mind off the discomfort.  I really didn’t think it would work – but finally he about pooped his own body weight poor thing!

We were so excited – high fives were exchanged, no actually high TENS and much praise was given. And then we realized we had to clean a poopy potty, which had a bit of dampening effect on our excitement. But STILL, I feel now like there is light at the end of this potty training tunnel.. or at least a flicker!

Did you ever think you would get so excited about poop before becoming a parent?

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Kim @Kimmama says:

Aaaaaa – I can’t wait until it is my turn to cheer — My son is almost two and I am to that point where I am really looking forward to potty training!! Congratulations!!

Jeff says:

Hey there were mushrooms on the pizza we ate while you were away!

ariana says:


Joelle says:

YEA! This is awesome…and yes I’m a grown woman who is saying that poop is awesome.

kari says:

thats fantastic news!!!

liam uses this potty seat that fits right onto your toilet so there isn’t as much cleanup :) definitely worth the 25 bucks or whatever we paid for it.

Jennifer says:

That definitely deserves a high ten. Yay Jasper! I try and get my Chloe to poop on the big toilet just so I don’t have to clean out the potty :) She sits on one of those child-size seats that fit on top of the regular toilet seat. It has a Dora pattern which she likes, and I let her flush the toilet afterward and say “bye bye poo poo” so its a bit fun for her.

Good job on getting the first one out. Hope it goes smoothly from here!

Susan says:

OK…Here’s how I clean out a poopy potty.
1. Fill poopy potty with water and dump in big potty
2. spray cleaner on whatever mess is left (usually, it’s not that much)
3. rinse out mess again.
4. spray and wipe…usually very easy by this point.

ariana says:

Wow Molly – Landon and Jasper now share their first potty poop day!! How awesome :)

Anne, it’s pretty gross.. I don’t know how one SHOULD do it since obviously this was my first time, but it involved copious use of wipes. So copious infact that combined with the giant poop itself it actually clogged our toilet!! If anyone who has more experience with this matter can chime in with a better method please do!

Pam says:

Only a fellow mom who is in the trenches with you understands the excitement! And yes, I’m right there with you!! Congrats mom & Jasper!!

chantal says:

Whoo hoo! Jealous, soooo jealous… Annora won’t pee on the potty even. She’s stil OCD about messes and is convinced she’ll be making the toilet and/or potty dirty. Sigh. Big congrats to Jasper though!!

anne laney says:

i have to know.. how did you clean the potty? lol that part freaks me out a bit.

GO JASPER! he’s so smart!

molly says:

Yay, Jasper. Landon finally went poop on the potty without us prompting him to do so yesterday. So.freaking.exciting!

No, I never thought I would be this happy about poop. But I am.

Alexandria says:

Congrats! Phoenix is potty trained but for some reason we can’t get poop in the potty. Its usually because poop is done at nap time or at night.

pam says:

Woo hoo!

We’re in the midst of potty training too (mine also stand up, but they don’t have very good aim, so I’m constantly cleaning up lakes of urine, nice) but only one will poop on the toilet. (They won’t use the little potties at all.) I think the only thing worse than cleaning poop out of a toilet is cleaning it out of underwear. :( Blech.

GiGi says:

COGRATS to Jasper! And cleaning it up is SO worth it when you think you are just THAT MUCH closer to not having to clean it at all anymore. :+)

I have done the poopy dance and thought it was the best thing ever as well!! Congrats :)