Last night we took Jasper out to the mall for dinner to celebrate Jeff’s home coming from a brief business trip.   No surprise, Jasper wanted to go see mickey mouse (the Disney store) and gravitated like a magnet to the toy story section.    But instead of picking out a Buzz, or the Bulls-eye plush that I was SURE we’d have to bring home, Jasper attached himself to Wheezy,  (or “Way-see” as Jasper pronounces it) a MINOR character from toy story 2 that he only has seen a handful of times.

When we arrived home, Jasper introduced Way-see to Bear, and pet Way-see over and over again saying “come here We-say” and “It’s OK Way-see”. Apparently it really resonated with him that in Toy Story II Wheezy  is a sad character because he’s lost his squeaker and had been forgotten on a shelf for years.

But the biggest surprise was that unlike every other plush or toy (other than Bear of course) that Jasper has insisted on bringing home or was given as a gift, Jasper had to SLEEP with Way-see last night.

Because it wasn’t enough that Jeff, Jasper, Bear and I already share a full-size bed – we needed to throw an oversized penguin into the mix!

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Auntie Diane says:

He is the cutest!

jbhat says:

I just want to scoop him up and smooch on him! What a cutie! (And I’m not talking about the penguin.)


Amy says:

Yay! So happy to see a Jasper post. I’ve missed him!

Bethany Joy says:

I have followed your blog since you had Becoming Home, and now I follow even more since finding out I am 5 weeks pregnant.
Your son is lovely and his hair is too cute!

Joanna says:

Wow he is really gorgeous. Gets cuter and cuter….

Heather says:

Cute! Our son picked out a large penguin from the zoo and named him Honey. Sweet!

Lisa says:

That’s so sweet!

molly says:

Um, seriously. How did he get SO BIG? He looks like a model :)