I’m off!

posted because I haven't shared images in a while! From my last newborn shoot..

Well, almost.. I leave tomorrow and somehow I didn’t get around to checking the weather in San Antonio until this morning. Um, it’s going to be HOT!

Like highs of 80+ hot. I totally wasn’t prepared for this even though I actually lived in TX (Austin) for 6 months I was somehow equating it in my head more to florida in the winter.  Highs of 70 maybe, but 80? Damn, I have to rethink my wardrobe,  find my summer shoes, I have to get a PEDICURE!

At the same time, I am soooo looking forward to thawing out from what is turning out to be a pretty harsh and snowy winter here in NY.. drinks on the riverwalk at night sound really nice right about now that it’s maybe in the 20’s here.

I also have really been struggling with what to bring equipment-wise. I think I’m going to bring my camera and one lightweight prime so I can take pictures and blog about the new exciting stuff I find.  But which lens? I don’t want to carry my speedlite around the tradeshow floor..my bag will be heavy enough with my camera and iPad!  My choices are the 50 1.4 or the 85 1.8.  I would normally opt for the 50 because the extra two stops, but I do like the 85mm focal length better on the full frame 5D II.

If anyone has any advise about that, or anything else before I leave please let me know.  I’d love some comments on this last post before I leave so that if I hand out my business card to any vendors who ask what I’m shooting for they won’t go to a blog that looks deserted and think I’m some kind of a start up! :)

Maybe tell me which vendor you’d MOST like to check out if you were going? That way I can get an idea of what everyone’s interests are..

Ok, wish me luck!!


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Kimberly says:

Hope you had a WONDERFUL time! 70 degrees sounds like a little slice of heaven in the midst of the frozen winter. ;)
I know it’s way too late, since you’re already on your way home, but I also would’ve said to take the 50mm over the 85. :) Can’t wait to see what you post next!

jbhat says:

Have fun! good luck! Glad you figured out the weather!


Christie says:

I’d like to get a chance to touch and see all of Finao’s new albums to see which ones to purchase as samples for clients.

Jen says:

Albums! That’s what I plan to check out the most at the WPPI trade show. I can find a lot of reviews on equipment, etc., but some products you just need to touch. I guess that makes them hard to blog about, too… but still, I tend to agree with your recommendations, so would love to hear your thoughts.

And I’ll third (fourth?) the 50. Tradeshow aisles can be so narrow and crowded, I think you’ll like the ability to shoot from a closer distance.

I freaked out a bit when I saw your report of 80+, so I’m glad you were wrong! 60-70 sounds better to me.

I think I’ve settled on bringing my camera with my 85. 50 would be my preference, but mine broke a while back and I haven’t gotten a new one. I have the 35L, but haven’t started to love it yet.

I need to check out that vendor list! On my way home early for Xander’s daycare “winter gala” and then I need to do laundry and pack! See you in San Antonio! :)

ariana says:

MicheleLouise OMG!!! Ahhhh! He posted a link to the vimeo video where there isn’t even a link to the product. DAMN! But so cool, I left a message on his FB page and twitter but don’t know if he will get it. Oh well, awesome all the same.. and I wouldn’t have even known if it weren’t for you, so HUGE thanks!

Georgia, I will – I don’t think Canon announces new products at Imaging, but I would certainly jump for joy!

Thanks Kari!

kari says:


Georgia says:

Definitely take the 50 … if you had the 35L I’d say take that, but the 50 should do you just fine for the expo.

For the love of god, text, FB message, or call me if Canon has their next full frame announced. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for that one!

leila says:

HEY – quick re-check that weather. I’m in Dallas and although San Antonio is south of me there is NO WAY they are in the 80s right now. Hate for you not to be dressed warmly when you get there.

Did you see the link on LR killer tips to your vimeo video for your wall display templates??? Congrats on that by the way!

ariana says:

What?? NO!!!! Omg, thanks for letting me know!! Have to go look….

ariana says:

Thanks for the comment love guys!

Lindsey, you are SO right. I think I’ll bring the 50mm.

GiGi, you are right also!! I think I checked “San Antonio FL” by accident on weather.com LOL. Damn, it’s going to rain on Sunday!

GiGi says:

Uh … i don’t know where you heard 80s for San Antonio this coming weekend/week, but last I heard the highs were going to be upper 60s to low 70s. Not much different, but not quite warm enough for shorts. :+)

As for lenses, I’d probably stick w/ the 50mm. It’ll be light and not too bulky and give you the extra stops in case the light is bad … and you know it will be most of the time. Plus, it’ll be a bit wider for some of the scenic areas of SA – you ARE going to the Riverwalk, right?

Have fun and let us know about all we’re missing out on!!! Sure wish I lived just an hour or so closer so that I could check it out too.

Lindsey says:

Ha! I’ll leaver you some love. The only thing with the 85 is that it may be hard to get product shots. When I went to the WPPI Roadtrip there wasn’t a lot of space around the products and there were a ton of people. Just a thought!

Have fun and tell San Antonio we miss it!