inLove with my iPad

I’ll admit it, I was one of those people that got a good chuckle at the expense of the iPad’s name and it’s rather unfortunate similarity to a  feminine hygiene product. I also laughed when I saw a comedian make fun of it’s size and say it was basically an iPhone for the geriatric set.   But, it’s hard to argue with it’s potential for photographers as a beautiful mobile portfolio  and it was with that purpose that I rather reluctantly shelled out the money for it last week.

It’s not that I wasn’t sold on it’s usefulness – I was!

How else would I be able to instantly show my wall templates to any interested potential business partners (or customers!)?  I also mentioned that I signed up for a portfolio review courtesty of PPA – the instructions were to bring 10-12 8x10s for review. How positively old fashioned! I’ll whip out my iPad instead.   And that handy trade show map and schedule of events PDF? Not going to bother bringing a print out, I’ll have it on my iPad!

So it wasn’t so much that I didn’t want one at all, it’s just that I didn’t want one now –  just weeks before most experts agree that Apple will be releasing the next generation iPad.   There isn’t much I can do about that though, so I am resolved to enjoy it anyway and just plug my ears and refuse to acknowledge the nextGen iPad when it comes out!

So far, it’s been pretty easy to love.. photos look FANTASTIC on it.   One of the benefits of apple product (vs. one of the many competing tablets entering the market) is that the apple products come calibrated so that the colors of you photos look perfect. That’s pretty important for a photographer (obviously!)

So far the one app that I’ve downloaded that is making this whole iPad as portfolio thing really easy is called “Photo Pad“.

It’s not a “flickr browser” – that’s not what I wanted or needed. It’s a synch tool that lets you easily grab your flickr content and synch it up with your iPad so that you have them available in your iPad, organized by flickr set and easily accessed even without WiFi. That’s important for me because I opted not to get the 3G iPad, so I need my photos to be local.  This solution is perfect for me because I already post all my favorite photos (the ones that I blog) on flickr and name them in sets by client.. so within a few minutes I had all of those photos at my fingertips on my iPad without having to do anything. Love it!

Another app that I heard great things about and am planning on purchasing is called “Easy Release ” and it’s basically a model release that you can have people sign on the spot with a stylus! So cool for impromptu shoots, or even to get clients to sign at consultation or just before a shoot.

I’m sure there are soooo many more amazing apps out there to discover, please recommend the ones you love!

Oh, and if you have recs for a great lightweight case (got the apple one but after reading the reviews I think I’ll return it) I’d be forever grateful..

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Stef Robins says:

Congratulations on your iPad! I would love one of my own, but I guess I have to be content with my iPhone (which I love). I especially love the apps that are made to make moms’ lives easier. I have my own collection, which includes WebMD and GroceryIQ. I also love this app called Intuition ( It’s a task management app that does more than that. It has location alerts that remind you to do a certain task when you’re in the relevant area. You can also easily delegate tasks to other people via email, Facebook and Twitter. Plus, it’s free and really cute. It’s also available for iPad, I suggest you check it out.

Emily says:

The iPad is addicting! My twin brother invented a keyboard/case for it and it is Apple approved and will be rolling out in a couple of weeks. I photographed the case for him and you can see it on his website at You are going to want one I’m telling you!

ariana says:

OMG Emily.. that looks amazing! Both the product AND the images you took! Soooo, when can I get one?? :)

Christina says:

I’m using a net book case made by HP. It’s furry inside and really well padded. There are a couple of pockets on the outside I use for business cards, the stylus & a charger. The outside is neoprene. I got it at Staples but I think they carry it at Wamart & Target too. You’ll be able to get one by Sat no problem :). Happy iPadding!!!

I think it’s so fun you get an iPad the same week I get a Markii!! It’s like a new toy extravaganza!!!!

ariana says:

Christina, thanks for the tip! I will def check that out. And congrats on the Mark II.. so exciting!

Sofia says:

oh yeah, my son plays with my hubby’s ipad everyday – well, he watches ‘baby einstein’ on it. Jasper will love it, lol:)
Hope your trip went well, looking forward to pics~

Have you checked out for cases? There are some cute ones there!

The iPad sounds so intriguing. I wish it was a “need” for me rather than a “want”. LOL!

ariana says:

Jenny, those look AWESOME! Of course though, I need mine by Saturday when I leave LOL. So far, I haven’t let Jasper even see it – I’m scared that once he does it’s all over :)

check out
My husband picked this one out and I love it. Handmade and looks great. Love it! Have fun with it.. my boys 9 and 5 got the itouches for Christmas. I am pretty sure I could totally homeschool them using the itouch alone. Sooo many great education aps. Just wait unitl Jasper gets hold of Mommy’s ipad. You will be sorry!!! I loaded all Russell’s Spanish words with a flash card ap this morning. The 5 year old is playing a states and capitals game and has no idea that he is “learning” all of them. Best thing ever, not to mention the screen is AMAZING!!!!