San Antonio Bound..

I’m headed to ImagingUSA this coming weekend..yay! I’m so excited, but also nervous because:

a) I’m going totally alone..I don’t “know” a soul that will be there. I mean I sort of know some people that I’ve emailed with or “met” on message boards, but that’s it. I sort of feel like a kid about to go to a new school for the first time. Will anyone want to have lunch with me?

b) I’ve never been away from Jasper more than overnight before.

When I booked the trip, b didn’t seem like such a huge deal other than that I will obviously MISS him like crazy.   But I’m leaving on Saturday afternoon, coming home Tuesday evening, which means that Jeff will only be alone with Jasper all day Sunday and he would go to daycare Mon & Tuesday. Plus, Jasper and Jeff always have a pretty good time on their Daddy/Son days..

Well, that was BEFORE Jasper became the neediest most difficult 2.5 year old on the planet. (Ok, I exaggerate. A little.)

Seriously though, I thought that  had been blessed with a pretty easy going toddler as payback for the hell we endured with him as a reflux infant.  Well, apparently that little window of bliss was about 6 months long and has slammed shut.

For example, we used to enjoy running errands with him because it got us all out of the house where the tedium of playing with the same toys can set in so quickly. But now, trips to the store are jam packed with back to back mini tantrums (I want x, I want y, I want z!)  that make it completely stress inducing.

So if you can’t take him out to run errands and get out of the house, you stay and play at home right?

That used to work OK back when he had the ability to entertain himself for more than .5 seconds.  Now he needs someone to be actively playing with him every second of every day. What’s even worse is that he’s begun to phrase every demand as a cute little irresistible question.. like “You want to play with me mommy?” “You want to sit down right there?” “You want to cook in my kitchen?” Who can say no to that?

Add to all of this that his two year molars are about halfway through the surface, to which I’m attributing the cause of his intense clinginess (to mommy) and I think we might have a recipe for disaster. Oh, and we since realized that daycare is CLOSED on Monday so Jeff will have him all day Sunday and Monday!

So it’s with a bit if trepidation that I prepare for this trip, but with a lot of excitement too.  I can’t believe I get to spend a whole 3 days indulging in photography geekdom.. and sleeping in a king sized bed, BY MYSELF!   Plus, I have a few business meetings for my templates set up with people that I’ve only worked with by email, so that’s really exciting.  I also took advantage of PPA’s “portfolio review” offer and have that set up for Monday.  And then there are the classes, and most importantly.. the trade show!

I’m SO excited to actually be able to see in person all the different albums and products from vendors without having to order expensive studio samples first!   I plan on bringing my camera and my 50mm around to take photos of whatever exciting stuff I find so I can blog about it, but if you have anything you want me to check out for you, post in the comments and let me know!

If you’ve been to Imaging before, please feel free to expense advise. And if you are going this year… wanna be my friend?

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Kaley says:

That is seriously what would be the best part of it for me, too. All of those awesome products in one place. If you can, will you check out the Couture Books? They look so beautiful online, I would love to know what the paper / image quality is like in person.

Have so much fun!

ariana says:

Thanks JB!

Salt Lake – maybe next year? :)

Dawn, I can’t wait!..Also glad I’m not the only one with ambivalent feelings.

Kimberly – I will definitely be going to WPPI next year, and so will Ava- lets all be roomies!

Kimberly says:

Travel safely and have a wonderful time! You’ll have new friends in no time, I am certain. No identity crisis… you just wear different hats! Jeff and Jasper are going to do great. :)

Can’t wait to hear all about what you learn and discover! I do kind of wish you’d opted for the Vegas conference so I could’ve flown down to visit you. My SIL lives in an outskirt of SA so I’ve been out there a couple of times. Should be a really fun trip for you.

Dawn says:

OMGoodness Ariana – I could have written that post word for word! Thankfully I am not going by myself, but I do have all the same feelings you do. And, I also have a 2.5 year old that I am leaving for the longest amount of time ever. I am teetering between the feeling of completely thrilled and completely terrified! lol! I just know we will all have a blast. You have my #, so make sure to text me when you get a moment and we can set up a lunch or coffee date – I am sure you will have NO problem finding some great people to hang out with! I can’t wait to meet you!

Just a few more days!!!!

I’m not going this year, but I would totally be your friend if I was! :)

jbhat says:

Even though the photography talk goes waaay over my head, I love that you get to go to this event, and also second the joy that you get to stay in a hotel…alone…by yourself. It sounds divine.

The guys will be JUST fine without you. In fact, they probably need this just as much as you do, but in a different way.

Have fun!!


Stephanie says:

Words that are magic to my ears: KING SIZED BED BY MYSELF! I am soooo jealous! Have a great trip, Ariana! :)

ariana says:

Kari, you are too sweet. Even if people would react that way based on reputation alone (as IF haha!) they would have no way of knowing it’s me… and who am I anyway? Becoming-mom (which hello, doesn’t even sound like a photography site!), Ariana Falerni photography? Photographer’s Wall Display Guides? I am having a serious identity crises, or multiple personality disorder.. seriously, I’m trying to design a business card and I’m like, do I fit it all one card? Do I need three separate cards LOL? But thanks for always thinking the best of me. MWAUH!

Lynn, oh I am soooo not above threats or bribery. Sometimes my iPhone can keep him occupied.. or it did when he would sit in the cart. Now he won’t go in the cart. Sigh.

Jill I feel bad complaining- at least I don’t also have a newborn to take care of LOL! I so wish we could meet too.. someday!

Thanks Lisa.. I’ve been to the Alamo and now I can’t remember if I was in the basement.. maybe not or I would remember? What’s there??

Amber Wood says:

I wish I could go JUST to sit at your table!! I can image that scary feeling but I promise, you’ll be fine and oh so popular! Have fun. Can’t wait to read all about it when you get back.

Lisa says:

Have fun in SA! Don’t forget to check out the basement of the Alamo.

So fun!! I WISH I could meet up with you. I grew up near SA, but we live in Dallas now and it’s about a 6 hour drive from here. You are going to love it. Have a blast! Oh, and I *so* hear you on the needy, tantruming 2.5 year old. OMG, will it ever stop?

Lynn says:

My daughter is about a week older than Jasper and I can totally relate to what you’re going through (re: the mood swings). One thing that is working for me right now with errands: we have a DVD player in our car (Cait doesn’t really get to watch much tv at the house) and she LOVES watching Disney movies in the car and sees it as a special treat. Whenever we are running errands, if she starts to get fussy or makes silly demands, I remind her that the movie is only for “good girls” and she responds immediately! It works so well that I feel a little guilty holding it over her head…but, hey, whatever works with a 2 year old!

kari says:

did i mention that I am excited for you?
Ari, I bet people will be coming up to you – recognizing you from the blog BEGGING to sit at your table… you will be like that cool new girl at school that everyone is dying to meet.
Can’t wait to hear about it!

enjoy your alone time!

ariana says:

Heather, funny you should mention that.. no, we haven’t, but he does love his movies (toy story) so he probably would like that. Yesterday Jeff & I went to see Harry Potter and there was a baby that couldn’t have been more than 10 months there with her parents. As we left the theater I said to Jeff “How is it that some parents get babies that they can take take to the movies?? Amazing to me!

Maegan.. you are about to have mail!!

You don’t know me yet, but I’ve started following your blog recently and will be at Imaging with fellow NJ photographers Christie Adams and Alicia Gould. You’re welcome to eat lunch at our table. :) Seriously, e-mail me if you want to exchange cell numbers, so we can get together. I have a 20 month old son and have been away from him before, but I feel like it’s going to be harder this time…not looking forward to that aspect of the trip! :(

Heather says:

Have you tried taking Jasper to a movie yet? My son is a little older (3 in March), and we just took him to Yogi Bear, and a week later to Tangled. He did great, and loved it, and it’s a nice break for you too!

Also, swimming in an indoor pool if you have access is a great way to tire him out!

tamsen says:

oooh, I have been so in conflict with which albums to order as studio samples- I would love to go to Imaging for that reason alone! Have fun!

Lindsey says:

Have fun! I used to live in San Antonio and it’s fabulous! You will have a great time!