Learning to Love the Keurig

So this post isn’t about parenting or, shockingly, photography.  But then again, isn’t coffee a necessity like, I dunno, air for parents?  I know it is for me, but I’ve always been a bit of a coffee snob. In fact, at one of my former “corporate” jobs I actually made my own french press coffee at my desk, even though there was always plentiful drip coffee available.

(I even once had a relationship ending fight over Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts..so I think you can see that this is a topic near and dear to my heart!)

I LOVE the rich bold taste of the french press I make at home, but Jeff thinks it tastes like sludgey jet fuel and he’s usually out of the house anyway by the time I wander downstairs and make my daily pot.  So it was Jeff that had the idea that he wanted a Keurig so that he could make himself a quick cup to go on his way out the door every morning.

For Christmas I got him one of the models that came with a sampler pack and also the Gloria Jean “Cappucino” box figuring it would be stronger than the other blends… and then I tried some. All I can say is EWWW!  I found every variety  either heavy with some sort of flavoring as if they’d dumped in too much of those international flavored coffee mate creamers or just entirely too week or bitter!

The ONLY k-cup in the sampler pack that I found to be decent was the Newman’s own extra bold organic. Which is nice because I prefer to drink organic coffee.  So I went onto amazon to order some of that figuring I’d use it on particularly bleary mornings when I didn’t want to deal with cleaning out the french press.

But you know what? Convenience is a powerful thing.. I found myself reaching for the k-cups pretty much every morning!  So I HAD to find a k-cup that I loved. Thankfully, the amazon reviews steered me towards this:

Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)


It’s rich, it’s bold and it even has subtle chocolate undertones.. not in an artificial flavor sort of way though. I just wanted to post about it in case any of you were in a similar quest for a good (k) cup of joe I might save you some trouble.   If you have any other kcups you’ve tried and loved, let me know!

Hope you all have a great weekend..Next week I’ll be doing a series of posts leading up to my trip to ImagingUSA (I’m so excited!!)

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I just love my Keurig…it makes me happy each time I use it!

molly says:

I love my Keurig. I prefer mild coffee to bold though. But it’s fun to try all the different little k-cups!

I recently tried the hot apple cider and YUMMMMY!!!

amy says:

*this* is very useful information indeed! thank you.

Jen says:

PS – have fun at imaging! I’m going to WPPI, but mostly because we already had a trip to Phoenix / Vegas planned in February. I can’t wait.

Jen says:

Perfect timing. I asked for (and received – woo hoo) a Keurig for Christmas. It’s sitting at my parents’ house (too big to drive home) as I tap my foot impatiently for my mom to drive it out next week.

I’m so excited that I will actually BE home to drink coffee. Currently, I have to leave at 7 for day care drop off.. so no before-work coffee for me. But come February it’s a freelance life for me. Thus, the Keurig… our regular coffee maker is a bear to use daily.

Anyway, I like my coffee strong, so I appreciate the suggestions!

ariana says:

Nanette, why isn’t he convinced? Maybe we can persuade him LOL!

Nanette says:

I want a Keurig but my husband isn’t convinced. I have a $300 GC for Costco, though, which happens to sell Keurgi, so we’ll see.

ariana says:

Thanks Mrs.Magoo! I do actually have that refill your own thingy, but I found it to not taste good at all. Having said that, it wasn’t the red one I see people raving about at amazon, it was something I bought at BB&B.. maybe not as good?

mrs.magoo says:

If you like bold, Coffee People Kona Blend is excellent. I prefer the medium blends from Green Mountain – Autumn Harvest Blend being my favorite. You can also get a personal filter for your Keurig. Although you have to wash it after every use, but you can fill it with your own coffee.

ariana says:

Thanks for the suggestions Brandy & Jen!

Sara – I was on the Starbucks side, though I have to say I find their brewing to have gone waaaay down hill since then. Anytime I order a regular coffee there lately it’s bitter and horrible.. not at all like it used to be!

Sara says:

Random question, but which side were you on during the Starbucks vs. Dunkin Donuts debate?

jen says:

Hi–we had our Keurig for a while and we really liked the Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic roast and the Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso and Midnight Magic. Both are bold coffees with rich flavor, check them out! (We can’t stand the Gloria Jean’s coffees)

If you get them with Amazon Subscribe & Save it works out to be fairly reasonable per cup.

Brandy says:

Good to know. I also enjoy the darker/bolder cups from Green Mountain. Double Black Diamond and Dark Magic are always staples. I also have the “make your own k cup” thing for packing my own speciality coffees. I haven’t found a “flavored” coffee I like though. THey all taste funny. The teas are very strong…i am a big fan of those. Celestial Seasonins Chai is super yummy. Have fun!