The Christmas Gift Report!

You all saw most of the gifts I planned on giving Jasper because they were on my 2010 Holiday gift guide. I’m happy to report that the two biggest gifts the Retro Kitchen and the Melissa & Doug Folding Castle were a smashing success..perhaps TOO much so because now we are on call CONSTANTLY to play with them!

The castle we are currently keeping at my parents’ house so I don’t have any pictures, but it I do have some pictures of the kitchen:


It is AMAZINGLY well made (particularly for the price,  it  was just $99 at the time!) and includes really cute little details like the nob under the microwave which you can turn so that the little turntable in the microwave turns – just like the real thing!  The doors feel really nice and solid when you close them, not at all like a cheap toy – and maybe even a little bit nicer than our real kitchen cabinets.  It even has a cute little phone:


We also got him some things to stock the fridge and pantry, milk is his favorite of course!



Reading the label, checking to make sure…


Yep, its OK mom, we can eat them because they are ORGANIC!

ORGANIC vegetables of course



I wish I had some pictures of the castle too, it’s so cute it even has a little trapdoor that leads into a jail with sliding bars! The castle and the kitchen are both really wonderful for imaginative play and it’s amazing how much more playtime/use we can get out of these toys vs. more specialized toys.

I’d love to hear what your biggest holiday gift success was! (Was it what you expected?)

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Stephanie says:

That’s a fabulous kitchen! Hooray for Jasper! My older daughter got a kitchen for her second birthday. She will be eight this Wednesday and STILL plays with it a few times a week. Her three year old sister plays with it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s a great investment – YEARS of fun! :)

jbhat says:

So cute! But Mr. Potato Head better watch out. He doesn’t want to become a nice hash brown, does he?

Our kiddo loved getting a 6 inch articulated bus. More than all the other expensive/bigger crappe that Santa and we sprang for. Oh well!


Amber says:

omg, too cute! Luke’s favorite gift is definitely Big Foot. i wish he was a bit nicer to the toy :( you can skip the text and view photos of him playing with the Big Foot here:

looking forward to seeing photos of jasper’s castle, i hope you share some :)

Alison says:

My son (27 months? I lost track round 2 yo) got SO many new toys recently, he thinks it’s constantly his birthday! Not only was there Chanukah in early December and Christmas at the end, there were also a bunch of friends who’ve cleaned out their kids’ closets as a New Years resolution – we get the old toys!

So originally, after Chanukah, his favorite toy was a Thomas flashlight my folks got for him. It lights up, and when you push it along the floor, it chugs. :) Joy!

Then Christmas came and Thomas was replaced by a racing ramp from my in-laws (plastic, adorable, two little “race cars” that roll down it and jump off the end).

THEN came the toys from our friend, and now he’s obsessed with “guys” – action figures from Wolverine to Darth Vader and everyone in-between. The conversations they have with each other are the funniest part. The other day, I asked him what Hulk does with bad guys… he said “He listens to them.” So, instead of “HULK SMASH!” it’s now “HULK EMPATHIZES!” in our house :-D

Happy New Year, all!

Lauren says:

The pictures are WONDERFUL. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kitchen. Can’t wait for Bean to appreciate one because you KNOW I will be getting her one. :)

Cole says:

That kitchen is awesome! I got a bunch of new trains that I completely *love.* And I have those same monkey jammies. :)

Jess says:

We got our son (2 in 2 weeks!) the exact same kitchen and he adores it! We took some crap from some relatives about giving our son a kitchen because apparently they’re girly. So I’m glad to see other moms out there supporting kitchens for boys!

ariana says:

OMG Alexandria, that was way too cute! Jasper was sick on Christmas day and his reactions were a little luke warm, nothing like that!!!

Alexandria says:

everything my son got for christmas this year was thomas the train. he is so obsessed with that little blue steam engine. his big present was the thomas train table and he LOVED its. his reaction when the table came upstairs was worth every minute of the hassle and every penny

suzy says:

the favorite toy in our house has been a pull-back wooden racer car that I bought on a whim for my kids stockings. Hours of enjoyment & laughter. It’s similar to this one

Jacqueline says:

Roscoe received a Fresh Market Kitchen from Step 2 and we are all head over heels. It’s the kitchen “I always wanted”! He loves it and can’t get enough. And I have so much fun watching him and playing along. Kitchens are a great gift!

ariana says:

Nanette, you are the second person to tell me the easel was a big success! We’ve had ours forever, since before he could really get good use out if it so he sort of ignores it now for the most part.. but he does make Jeff draw him things every once in a while LOL!

Sarah, so cute! We got Jasper the “Jack” dress up doll to go along with his Joey doll and Jack comes with a hockey uniform.. we realized that he doesn’t like it because he doesn’t know what hockey is and trying to explain it was pretty funny! Yesterday we went to the mall yesterday and saw tons of kids going to practice carrying their hockey sticks so we were trying to show him, but I guess he needs to see it on TV or something to “get it!” Football and baseball he totally gets :)

Kari – Jasper would LOVE that. He really likes the one they have at gymboree!

Nisa, glad the guitar was a big hit! Jasper wasn’t all that into the one I got him, but we already have like 5 others around the house so I’m pretty sure that had something to do with it ;)

Nisa says:

that kitchen is so stinkin’ adorable!!
our biggest hit around here was the little guitar “Santa” got for my 20 mo old. He opened that gift first and was not at all interested in opening anything else. That was as good as it gets as far as he was concerned!!

kari says:

That kitchen is awesome – I am so glad Jasper loves it!
Our biggest Christmas hits were the little trampoline thing that Liam got from his gramma – and of course his Toy Story sleeping bag!

Sarah says:

The gift I was most excited to give was a much asked for car motorbike for my 2.5 year old. He loved it but it was overshadowed by a child sized referee shirt his daddy found for him. My boy loves ice hockey and particularly being in charge so it was perfect. He didn’t take it off for three days. I’m not sure how imaginative it is, but his role play is very detailed while he wears it. :)

Nanette says:

So cute! The kitchen AND the kiddo!

Our gal loves the easel we got her. She’s playing with it at this very moment, actually!