Photographer’s Wall Display Guides Holiday Giveaway!

When I was  invited to participate in this super cool Christmas Blog train giveaway it occurred to me that I’ve had giveaways for my Wall Displays on pretty much every other photography blog BUT MINE! Well, it’s time to remedy that!

I’m giving away Wall Guides Sets I&II AND the LR3 plugins – that’s over $200 worth of products!

The contest is open from today December 14th through midnight Friday evening December 17th and the winner will be announced the following Monday.

Ways To Enter:

1) Post a comment with how you think the wall guides would help your business if you won

2) Tweet about the giveaway and post a comment saying you’ve done so with your twitter handle. Sample tweet: I Entered Photographer’s Wall Display giveaway on #BecomingMom today!

This is not required to enter, and will not earn you an extra entry (FB Is cracking down on these contests!)  but I would LOVE if you would like the photographer’s Wall Display Guides Facebook page, or the Becoming-Mom page, or even my Photography Page!


As part of my holiday gift to you, I am offering a 20% discount for today only (ends midnight tonight!) for anyone who wants to purchase the wall guides for themselves for the holidays :)  Use code WG2010 at checkout!

Don’t forget to check out and enter the other fab giveaways happening as part of the blog train:

Schedule of Events & 10 Fantastic Vendors

December 6Mom Tog – home of the UNposing & UNmanual photography guides!
December 7MadiLu Designs -Beautiful custom logo and marketing sets!
December 8Boudoir Business BoutiqueMarketing and education for boudoir photogs!
December 9 Sugar Snappers – Stunning hardwood floor overlays for Photoshop!
December 10Easy Accounting SolutionsBook keeping for your photography business the easy with  (will be held on the Photo Card Boutique Blog)
December 11The JOY Bag – Fun and fresh camera bags!
December 12Photo Card Boutique – Affordable, unique photo card templates.
December 13Word Smith – A Fantastic what to write & what to wear guides.
December 14Becoming Mom (that’s me!) Photographer’s Wall Display Guides – Wonderful wall display guides to increase your large print and canvas sales.
December 15Love That Shot – Introducing a brand new and super exciting product so stay tuned!

Good luck!

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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Shannon B says:

I’ve had my eye on these guides for a while, but there’s so much to spend money on when you’re opening up a business. Clients usually don’t know a lot about displaying artwork. It’s my job to educate them. I think these display ideas will help me to illustrate that displaying photographs is more than just hanging a 20×24 over the fireplace, it’s about creating an interesting grouping. I think this will help me to make sure that my art is displayed in the best possible manner in my clients homes!

Judith I says:

I would love to will these, I think it would help me in my sales to be able to pull these out and go see this is what your house could look like with these pictures.

Jennifer W says:

I Tweeted! @ jenncwakefield


Jennifer W says:

I am just starting to do in-person sales. I take a few samples with me, but I don’t want to carry around every size to show that an 8×10 really doesn’t make a statement on a wall. This will help so much.


Christine says:

I’m a full-time mom of 6, a full-time 911 operator, and a wannabe photographer! Soooo… this would help me sell my products when I do find time to shoot a session! Thanks!

Erin Lenore says:

Tweet @erin_1017

Erin Lenore says:

Always looking for ways to educate my clients and increase sales. Thanks for the chance!

Kristen says:

Tweet tweet! @kristenprivett

Kristen says:

I’m just starting out, but these would totally give me the confidence needed for in-person orders!

Stephanie J says:

I seriously would love this since I know my clients have a hard time visualizing their images as art on their walls. Thanks for the opportunity!

Katherine R says:

I would like to start in person ordering and the wall guides will really help to upsell.

Annie Torrini says:

The Wall Guide would help me sell more canvas and wall portraits because the clients would get a better visual of the finished product.

Beth says:

and became a fan of Photographer’s Wall Display Guides on FB

Beth says:

I also tweeted @bmorephoto/

Beth says:

I think it’s a great way to educate clients and hoping it will increase my sells. Great giveaway thanks so much!

Erika says:

The Wall Display Guide would help both ME and my clients visual which size would be the best option for them. What a useful tool. :)

Jaimie D. says:

I am very visual and it really helps me to see things laid out, so I know it would help my clients, too! I could see these totally increasing my sales by showing my clients how their photos will look on a REAL wall in a REAL room! I love that they are so versatile!

Missy says:

I would love to update how I show clients pictures! The Wall Display would help them decide on sizes to order, which will help me increase sales.


Lillian Hoyt says:

The Wall Display Guide would help me have one more GREAT thing to offer my clients and help me stand out from the rest. Thanks!

Kelly R says:

I tweeted the giveaway!!! @photokel

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

Kelly R says:

Woo Hoo! I would LOVE to win your Wall Display Guides! I am just starting out and am looking to test the waters with in-person ordering come 2011. The guides will definitely help me to have some confidence in telling clients what size prints to order and actually show them what the display would look like with their chosen images!

Mandy says:

I would live to have a ‘look book/ inspire guide.’ What a great way to start off the new year!

claudia says:

I live in a rural town in Germany where it is hard to convince people to buy anything but 6×4 prints. Seeing a display like this would definitely help! (And winning it would help me, so I don’t have to buy it!!)

Adalia says:


Adalia says:

These could really help me convince clients to buy wall galleries! Would love to have them.

Belinda Olsen says:

In 2011 I would like to actually start doing sales sessions. I think that this would be a great way to show clients various sizes, help with how to display their images.

Lynn says:

I find my clients tend to order on the small side and i believe if I had these display guides it would help them visually imagine large portraits in their homes…and increase my sales!

I am looking to move to in person ordering sessions in 2011. Just having something like this to show the visual impact that large wall prints and groupings make will definitely help me to sell these products and increase my sales. Clients don’t understand until they can see it and feel it. I want them to see the wall display and want that to be their wall in their home!

Kristin B says:

Let me just add that Lightroom has SAVED my life and my time!! These presets would be an AWESOME addition!!

(will have to like your pages on FB from home…my work has blocked)

Kristin B says:

I would LOVE to win these! Seeing is believing…when clients are referred, many times being able to see large wall displays of your work can make them more at ease, more willing to purchase canvas wraps, large gallery prints, and ultimately help me build business! Most people would never think they had a place or reason for a large display of portraits…but this has the power to allow them to see they can easily and should purchase/display large and proud!

Kristin B says:

I tweeted!


Megan Rogers says:

I just retweeted ! STUDIORPHOTOS :) love this and must have this !

Megan Rogers says:

I NEEEEEEDDD THIS! Pick me pick me … Having this amazing tool would increase my large print sales … Having it in front of you make a huge difference …

Jenny says:

I love the first set of wall display guides.. I really want the second and I couldn’t live without LR3.. would love those plug ins as well. The wall display guides are incredible as customers really have no idea how big or SMALL an 11×14 really is. In the past I had clients tape together paper to create actual sizes so they could see what space we were considering filling with photos.. now, this is so much nicer than taped paper!!!!

Heather says:

I’m just starting out, but I can already see how these would help boost sales. As a consumer myself, it’s much more appealing to buy something when you can envision it in your home. Real rooms with my pictures means I can envision it, therefore, WANT it! Thanks :)

Cheryl says:

I have been eyeing these display guides for some time, and really hop to make the Elements version part of my marketing tools. I believe these guides will help my clients visualize large canvas prints on their own walls, and therefore; increase print sales!

Sarah g says:

These displays would absolutely help me to show my clients how important large canvases are to truly decorate a wall!

I am in the process of trying to educate my clients so that when they invest in custom portraiture, that also translates into the size of prints they purchase. I’ve tried to create something like this on my own, but I’ve been drooling over these. :)

lauren says:

I would LOVE to win these! I have never done in person ordering but just looking around your site has inspired me to try it for my next session!!

I would love to be able to show my clients what their wall display would look like straight from Lightroom. I think that would really help my business! I really love the way that you can change everything out live and that you can change the templates in photoshop and they change live in LR!!! I cannot wait to use this product to increase my wall portrait sales!!!

Sofia says:

I started photography business but i still didn’t even dare to show what photos would look like on their wall – this would give an opportunity and possibly help out my confidence~

GiGi says:

I agree w/ Cara … I think just the visual impact showing the difference bewteen an 8×10 and a truly ‘big print’ would go a LONG way!

If I won I would love to put these at the end of the clients gallery to show them how they could display their photos and to help increase my sales in larger prints! I love the fact that these displays use real photos of rooms, it really gives the client a better idea of how to showcase their photos! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this product!

Em R says:

I’d love to win these, I’m about to start in person ordering and these would make a huge (& positive) impact

Em R says:

I twittered about the giveaway :) @snowingindoors

Mandy says:

This would be so helpful! My customers would have an idea as to what their pictures would look like together and my sales would be SO much better! Awesome Giveaway!

Cara says:

How would it help my business? Well my clients seem to think an 8×10 is big! I have trouble even selling 11×14’s! So frustrating.