Photographer’s Wall Display Guides Holiday Giveaway!

When I was  invited to participate in this super cool Christmas Blog train giveaway it occurred to me that I’ve had giveaways for my Wall Displays on pretty much every other photography blog BUT MINE! Well, it’s time to remedy that!

I’m giving away Wall Guides Sets I&II AND the LR3 plugins – that’s over $200 worth of products!

The contest is open from today December 14th through midnight Friday evening December 17th and the winner will be announced the following Monday.

Ways To Enter:

1) Post a comment with how you think the wall guides would help your business if you won

2) Tweet about the giveaway and post a comment saying you’ve done so with your twitter handle. Sample tweet: I Entered Photographer’s Wall Display giveaway on #BecomingMom today!

This is not required to enter, and will not earn you an extra entry (FB Is cracking down on these contests!)  but I would LOVE if you would like the photographer’s Wall Display Guides Facebook page, or the Becoming-Mom page, or even my Photography Page!


As part of my holiday gift to you, I am offering a 20% discount for today only (ends midnight tonight!) for anyone who wants to purchase the wall guides for themselves for the holidays :)  Use code WG2010 at checkout!

Don’t forget to check out and enter the other fab giveaways happening as part of the blog train:

Schedule of Events & 10 Fantastic Vendors

December 6Mom Tog – home of the UNposing & UNmanual photography guides!
December 7MadiLu Designs -Beautiful custom logo and marketing sets!
December 8Boudoir Business BoutiqueMarketing and education for boudoir photogs!
December 9 Sugar Snappers – Stunning hardwood floor overlays for Photoshop!
December 10Easy Accounting SolutionsBook keeping for your photography business the easy with  (will be held on the Photo Card Boutique Blog)
December 11The JOY Bag – Fun and fresh camera bags!
December 12Photo Card Boutique – Affordable, unique photo card templates.
December 13Word Smith – A Fantastic what to write & what to wear guides.
December 14Becoming Mom (that’s me!) Photographer’s Wall Display Guides – Wonderful wall display guides to increase your large print and canvas sales.
December 15Love That Shot – Introducing a brand new and super exciting product so stay tuned!

Good luck!

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Wall Display Templates for Photographers

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This would help my clients to actually SEE and visualize LARGER prints/canvases for their walls, which would obviously help with the whole profit factor ;)! Keeping my fingers crossed!! THANKS!

I just tweeted about this giveaway. @hopeandmemphoto

These would be wonderful for my in person ordering sessions (obviously). I want to use them in LR like you do. :)

Brittany Davis says:

I am just starting out and making NO MONEY from selling prints. Sad day. I need this in my life. I need this to convince clients that they need prints to beautify their walls. Help me. :)

Kate Brown says:

OH I need this. It would help clients get past this 8×10 is a perfect size crazy concept!

alicia says:

I would love to win this as it would be a great tool to get customers to order huge prints! I defintely need that as people thing that 8x 10 and 11×14’s are big! The bigger the better!

Courtney says:

I admit, I’m one of those that sticks with the small size prints because I just can’t visualize big things on my walls. With this problem, how am I supposed to upsell larger prints and canvases? This product would be a perfect tool to do just that!

Amara Cohen says:

I just found these this week and think they are beautiful. It would be a great addition to my business to be able to show clients how their photographs would really look in their home.

Nicki says:

I “tweeted”!

Nicki says:

Oh, I so wante these! Next year I plan to really get my business going in the direction I want it to go and I think these would be SO helpful with proofing sessions!

Victoria says:

I would love to offer in-person sales appointments to my client’s in the future and these wall display guides would certainly help me with that! :)

Amanda Dye (Dye Designs) says:

I have had my eye on these for a while. I am currently having a hard time selling anything over an 8×10. They all seem to think that anything bigger would look out of place or too large. I would love to be able to show them how they could use larger sizes within their homes.

I also just got LR3 so some plugins would be fantastic too.

Thanks for the opportunity

Claudia Wiedenmann says:

I tweeted!! (cfwied)

Claudia Wiedenmann says:

I would love to win this! I think it would make my clients think twice about ordering all 5×7’s and 8×10’s! Plus it would give me a push to try in person proofing! Great giveaway! Hope to hear that I win!

Ashley says:

I sooo need this! I have a hard time explaining things and visuals are always a good thing! This would boost my sales and help my clients understand that an 8×10 isn’t all that big! PICK ME!! :)

Yolanda says:

I do in person ordering sessions so the LR plugin would be awesome for doing real time wall gallery presentations. I own Wall Display Guides Set II and they are amazing. I have rearranged my gallery collections around my favorites and my last two client shave been very impressed.

Sylvia Cook says:

I already bought the couch one, but would love some others. In fact I just finally did a post featuring them! Anytime you’d like to do a giveaway on MY blog, let me know.
I love them!!

Valeria says:

I am just starting with my business and that could be one more tool to be used with confidence and show my clients, portfolio building ones, that I know what I am talking about it and with that get more referrals to really go full blast.

Catharine says:

I am intrigued and think they could help me sell more prints which would be great for business!

Jenn says:

I NEED these displays! It will help take my business to the next level!

A lot of my clients are not visual people so these would truly help them visualize their images in their home! Thanks!

Mandy Thompson says:

I just purchased LR 2 months ago. The presets would definitely be a blessing. I just found your blog and want to read all your posts. The display book would help me help clients to see how the pictures would look in a grouping in their home.

cristina says:

Ive never done an in person ordering session. I think these wall displays would truly let me dive into doing it with full confidence.

I’ve been really promoting the wall art for clients and the more templates and examples I show them the better they understand the benefits. These templates would be awesome!!

esther says:

I would love these guides. I’m just starting out and not great with wall collages. Seeing things would be a huge help for me and my clients.

Nicole Voth says:

I think it would help my clients to see how the large sizes of prints would really look on their walls.

Clients are very visual people. They need these types of guides to help them see the possibilities. I definitely think they can help my sales!

S Lucy says:

I tweeted about the giveaway as hyperskygirl

Maureen N. says:

I would love to be able to show this to clients to help improve sales larger than 8×10!

morgan says:

We have recently started a portrait painting business, and these would be so cool to use on our Etsy site! I actually have looked around to find some, but yours are the best! Would love love love to win!

Amanda Mann says:

I’ve just tweeted:)

Amanda Mann says:

I would love to give my clients suggestions on how to size and place the pictures I take for them. They often ask for my advice and I give my opninion, but it would be great to show and not tell them how to do pictures:)

Kristine says:

These would be GREAT to show clients that an 8×10, or even an 11×14 is NOT a big print and how tiny they would really look when hung on the wall!

S Lucy says:

I think it would help me look more professional

Oh my, where to begin. I plan to do in person ordering starting in the New Year as well as fully launching my services and these would be great to sho people real examples.

Amy Hoogstad says:

I would love these to be able to show a true-to-life example of what the sizes of prints will look like in their home. I can’t seem to convince too many clients to go above 11×14 (even though I don’t even show anything that small), so this would be such a great asset!

danielle says:

I would love to have a couple different wall groupings on my walls it would only help to show people what type of work I can do and to get them to envision their loved ones in a grouping

Susan Jaeger says:

The wall display guides would be so helpful for my business! I am lacking in this area, but I know how awesome canvases & big prints can look if done correctly. It’s hard to impart that to a customer unless you can show them an example. :)

Leslie P says:

I liked all pages on FB! Thanks!

Leslie P says:

I work out of my home, and I would love to be able to welcome clients into my home to show them awesome displays!

Christina says:

I am just ready to go live and I would LOVE a product that would allow me to show clients what large prints could look like.