My Workflow from Lightroom to Photoshop

Sorry this came a few days after promised. I’ve been plagued with technical problems, from my desktop microphone failing to some bizarre issue where one part of the audio got unsynched from the video. That and the fact that I say Um a LOT puts this in the annoying category as far as I’m concerned, but I’m posting it anyway because I’ve been getting 2 or 3 emails a day asking for my workflow tips! So, without further ado, here it is.. don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

I refer to a few things in the video that I want to link to:

1) This is the digital grey kard that I use but I’ve heard good things about the Robin Myers ones too (RMI). Just don’t use the exposure target grey cards that claim to also work for White Balace. I’ve heard from many pros that I respect that the grey is NOT the same for both purposes.

2) Here is my detailed blog post about how I use the Slideshow module during my in person ordering sessions. I touch on it very briefly here because I already blogged about it so extensively.

3) Here is a link to Portraiture. I recommend the Photoshop plugin, not the Lightroom one because I like having the control of erasing back too smooth areas in the layer in photoshop.

4) Here is a link to the Lightroom 3 plugin for my Wall Display Guides which I go over very quickly because it’s part of the process that I use during the ordering session.

5) Here is a post I did recently with some more post processing tips including a link to the action that I use in this video.

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Have a great weekend and good luck on the giveaway if you entered!

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ariana says:

Thanks Cathy. She peed on the floor again this morning.. ugh!

Cathy says:

I am now happy after finding the little gem about camera neutral in LR ! I was thinking today there was going to be a lot of time adjusting baby skin tones in PS. That tip alone made the tutorial worth every second. Thanks Ariana for the tutorials and I hope your geriatric dog is feeling better today !
Off to find one of your tutorials on baby skin tones by numbers.

Thanks Again

Jessica Nip says:

Thank you for this tutorial. I’ve just moved over to LR from Bridge and LOVE it. This tutorial showed me a few tricks that I’m definitely going to use for my baby pictures. You’re amazing!

This was a great tutorial, thanks! I was wondering where you got the blanket that you were using from? Its such a nice, neutral color.
Thanks again!

Connie says:

Awesome tutorial!! I’m new to LR and I just learned so much! Thank you for spending the time to create this video. So very helpful!

christy says:

Great tutorial! Love the workflow. Kind of off the subject – but how far back were you standing? At 1.4 you have the whole baby in focus and it’s beautiful. Thanks!

ariana says:

Hi Christy – Thanks! I wasn’t more than maybe 2-3 feet back, but I will be very careful to try and get both eyes square if I am shooting that close and that wide open. Sometimes though I should just stop down :)

ariana says:

Kaley, Yes that’s exactly what I do! I have found the LR sharpening to be adequate for print and albums, but I make sure to size the image to the print size first- ie. I don’t sharpen a full resolution jpg and then upload to ROES and let ROES take care of resizing, I actually crop to every size and do the sharpening at the same time. Hope that makes sense :)

kaley says:

Thank you so much for this… I used to use Bridge / ACR / Photoshop, and I think lightroom could save me so much time! One quick question – you are using the unsharp mask in photoshop for the web images, but the sharpening tool in lightroom for the prints, correct? Are you happy with the lightroom sharpening for the printed images? Do you also use the lightroom sharpening for albums?

Nona Mills says:

Totally not a waste of time. I’ve been using lightroom since the first beta version was out and I just learned a ton!! Thanks, I love when your emails pop in my inbox!!! Thanks for always being so generous with info!

Vera says:

I am officially a fan of your blog and videos! I’m so excited that I found you on Clickinmoms! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Amber says:

Ariana – this is GREAT! thank you SO much! i never knew all LR3 had to offer, wow! quick question, you mention that you had PS set up wrong so it saved the files as tiff instead of psd’s in LR.. how can i change it to save as psd’s? mine is doing the same. this tutorial has saved me SO much time!! thank you so so much for sharing all your tips and tricks.


Lisa says:

I checked again and there are no options under profile but embedded. I wonder why??

ariana says:

Lisa, look under the calibration to where it says “profile” and you should see the drop down!

Lisa says:

Just curious- I have Lightroom 2 and when I go to the camera calibration area it says embedded and there are no other options- is this because I am shooting in JPEG?

Caroline says:

Thank you SO much for the time you spent in making this tutorial. Appreciate all that you to help teach and inform us newbies out there.

I understand that you can adjust WB and sync all your images via LR in one big batch (I love how much of a timesaver that is!!). Question:do you have to individually edit each image in PS one by one (adjusting for curves, running Portraiture)? OR, do you batch adjust those in PS? Since each image is individual, I’m thinking you probably have to edit each image via PS one by one (which still is a little time-consuming). Is that right?

Again, THANK YOu!

Vicki Putnam says:

Totally not a waste of time. I’ve been using lightroom since the first beta version was out and I just learned a ton!! Thanks, I love when your emails pop in my inbox!!! Thanks for always being so generous with info!

Claudia Wiedenmann says:

Ok great now I HAVE to go get lightroom if I dont win it! Batch organizing would save so much time! And Im definitely getting the digital card! Thats amazing! Thanks for sharing! I have been recently following you on your blog and It really does give me hope in improvement! Thanks again!

Kristen says:

Not a huge waste of time at all, so helpful. Thank you!

Julie says:

That is an amazing tutorial, thank you so much!!! I use CS4 and do my WB, etc. in ACR. But I think I am going to open up LR and play this weekend. You are an amazing photographer, your stuff looks perfect sooc!!

Angie says:

I could kiss you for posting this!! Newbie to LR and you are helping me so much! Thanks :)

ariana says:

Thanks Karen!

I don’t have it ALL figured out, but yes, I do find that with more experience and getting it right in camera comes a lot less editing :)

You’re welcome Carolyn!

Carolyn says:

Thank you so much for sharing your workflow!

Karen says:

THAT was WONDERFUL!!! I am just a mom and I have LR and I have never known how to sharpen for print before, I am so happy that now I do! I have learned A LOT with these LR tutorials. AND your files look so awesome SOOC–you really understand light and exposure, that is why they don’t need much editing, right? THANKS AGAIN:)