Little Lothario

Dear Jasper,

Last night I put you to bed and we finished reading books (curious george of course) and you sat up in your cute little feetsie pajamas and said “I like Isabelle Mommy.”

I said, “I know you do baby, are you going to play with her tomorrow at daycare?”

You nodded your head yes and then looked up at me shyly and said “Isabelle is pretty.” And then, after a moment’s pause,  “Isabelle will hug me!”

Oh my!  I didn’t realize that crushes started at the tender age of two – or as in your case 18 months since you started picking favorite girls to dole out your affections to.  In the meantime, I nearly DIED at the cuteness of you calling her pretty and that knowing little look that came over your face when you said it. You are simply too much.

While we are on the subject of cute things that you’ve said recently, you call the foot part of your feetsie pajamas “pajama shoes.”  So logical you are – what a perfect thing to call them!

But one of my favorite things that you do lately is how you show bear things.. like “Look bear, it’s the moon!” when you spot the moon as we are driving at night, or how you tell bear about the things you did at daycare that day (I sat on the firetruck bear!”)

I truly think that two must be the CUTEST age ever – if I were given the chance to freeze you in time at two years old I’d be sorely tempted..

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Veelana says:

Hello there,
its my first visit zo your blog (I found you over the “project wonderful” site) and you have such a cute kid!
Two years is such a sweet age – my daughter will be two in december. And if I could freeze her in time, I’d be sorely tempted, too. I probably wouldn’t, though – my son is now 4 and that age is absolutely awesome – I’d hate to miss it with Lilith…

About crushes:
My son has a big crush on one of his kindergarden teachers, Grete. That makes it really easy to drop him off in the morning :-) His best friend and first crush he picked when he was about a week old – she’s one of my best friends and Dorian liked her better than most other people from the start. He’d stay with her and let me leave the room/apartment from the start – extremely useful girl to have over when I was trying to get things done around the house…

Hugs from cold Vienna

Sarah says:

Oh — I just love it; a little girlfriend! Jasper is too cute. Two is definitely NOT as terrible as people always say, is it? A challenge, but not terrible. In fact, I’d say the worst for us was 21-22 months. By 23 months, things were much better, and now at two (just last weekend!), Finn is so much fun again, making us laugh every day.

Lauren says:

oh my goodness that is too cute. I love how he tells bear things. I love this photo too.
My 23 month old son is attached to almost all his stuffed animals (he kisses them..and makes you kiss them, gives them water to drink)…and also seriously obsessed with his guitar. I have yet to see him have a crush on a girl yet.. but he only goes to an hour of “daycare” at the YMCA while I work out.
This age is my favorite so far too. I think I might freeze this age if I could too. : )

Kimberly says:

OMG I love him! So, so cute! I love that now I can actually hear his little voice saying these things… he is such a little charmer!

Samantha says:

Great photo! My son has yet to get attached to anything yet. I’m hoping it’s something like a teddy bear or a blanket or something other than a plastic wrench or God forbid tickle me Elmo!

I have been meaning to ask you a question. I also live on the East Coast (New England) and have been looking for a beginners photography class to attend (think of a few days to a few weeks rather than semester-long). I was wondering if you knew of any.


jbhat says:

I KNEW he’d be a heartbreaker. Watch out, Isabelle. You are the first in what will be a long line of many smitten girls. And what sweet friend he is to Bear. LOVE.


Lourdes says:

This sounds utterly adorable. Wes has NO interest in any of the girls at day care, lol. What a cutie Jasper is!

amy says:

sweetest post ever!

ariana says:

Marybeth that’s exactly right! So cute and so terrible at the same time ;)

Thanks Julie!

Julie says:

Great photo!!

Oh, I actually caught myself saying, “awwwww” out loud by the time I got to the part about Jasper telling Bear about his day.

I absolutely HEART this age, too. There’s a reason why all the independence and stubbornness of the “terrible twos” comes at exactly the same time as they’re able to form and communicate coherent and adorable thoughts :)