Jennifer’s Maternity Session

So the only downside to killing the sneak peeks on my photography website is that I can’t come and share them here as soon as they are done :)

Luckily, since my last session was a gift for dear friends I can share it here!

Despite my general lack of enthusiasm for the Canon 24-70 Lens, I was DETERMINED to use it for this session. . I was very conscious about not dropping my shutterspeed below 200, which seemed to be ok for this shoot. Probably would have bumped it up to at least 250 for kids.  This meant I had to use some high-ish ISOs at times, but now that LR3 has great noise removal, I don’t worry so much anymore.  I still LOVE noiseware, but some images I prefer to edit in LR only if possible, so it’s nice to have that option even with high ISO images.

The other thing that I haven’t talked about here that I discovered with my previous maternity session with Janaki is using directional rather than flat lighting.. I used to set up my paper so that it was parallel to my main light source (sliding glass door) but lately I’ve been setting it up so that it’s at 90 degrees. Then I have the subject at about 45 degrees to me, which gives nice shadowing and contour. This is particularly flattering for maternity, not that Jen needs any help in the beauty department (as you are about to see!)

As far as editing, these were EASY.  For most I just ran portraiture at about 40% and did some slight curves adjustments.  For the ones on the black background I use the quick selection tool to select the backdrop and then do an selective color adjustment layer and choose “black” from the drop down. Then I move the light dark slider at the bottom significantly towards dark.  Even after that adjustment I still sometimes have to burn the black using the burn tool set to “shadows.”  It’s kind of a PITA, but the black backdrop is the only one I have that is wider than 53″ as it is a fabric drop from Denny Manufacturing.  (Photo black).   For the other images on the colored paper I had to stretch parts of the image to fill out the frame with the color, 53″ is just too small in most cases.  I dream of owning a studio one day with 103″ rolls of paper.. until then, I have to rely on photoshop!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day, I posted a bunch more where you can see them larger too on my photography website.

Though I don’t consider it a specialty of mine, I must say that working with models who are capable of understanding you and following direction is a nice break once in a while! Particularly when the camera  loves them as much as it loves Jen.. isn’t she GORGEOUS?

Oh, and in case anyone wants to know, the blue wrap was some kind of poly blend with a lot of stretch that I picked up at at the fabric store.  I believe it was about 2.5 yards.  The sheer fabric is something called “tricot” which is really soft and sheer, I believe it’s commonly used in lingerie! This was about 3 yards.

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jacqui says:

beautiful work!!

Emma says:

That blue fabric is gorgeous, I’m going to have to search some of that out and I’m glad the 24-70 has redeemed itself!

kari says:


Lindsey says:

I kind of hate her a little bit. Kidding of course! She’s gorgeous! I thought the blue was a dress for a second. Great job! I love how you make backdrop pictures look modern and stylish.

GiGi says:

WOW! These are as amazing as she is beautiful! Some women wear pregnancy very well and she is obviously one of them! TFS!