Open Thread Thursday!

The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with an answer to your question or post one of their can be about parenting, photography, or just whatever you feel like throwing out there!

So, what’s on your mind?


I’ll start.. look at these CRAZY adorable photoprops I found on Etsy,  I’m going to use these in addition to some cowboy hats and other cheap western style stuff I’m going to grab at Party City or something and do a little “photobooth” at Jasper’s party:

My question is 1) am I CRAZY for taking this on? I’m sure I’ll be too busy to do all the pictures, but the perfectionist in me won’t want to let anyone else do it LOL.  2) Do you think a white backdrop is fine or I was thinking of having Jeff illustrate a western backdrop but then I have to pay to get it printed large when I already have a white backdrop (though I have no idea where I’d set it up, maybe on the porch?)

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Open Thread Thursday! The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with...
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Open Thread Thursday! The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment...
Kristen says:

Gotcha, thank you girls!! Ah yes, I remember I bought the 35 since it would essentially be like a 50, it’s all coming back to me now. All this worrying & indecisiveness on my part over what to do, and I’ve decided to stick with Nikon. It’s been doing me well, and I finally feel the pull towards one or the other. Eek, don’t hate me ;)

ariana says:

Yes, Aimee is right about the focal length. But also the sigma is “DG” which in sigma means the same as Canon EFS which is NOT meant for full frame. Now I’m not sure if that just means it vignettes a good amount or terribly, but I know that it’s not recommended for full frame. I have a contact from Sigma that I can ask for you- will let you know!

Aimee says:

Kristen, you have it backwards! The 5DMII is a full frame camera. A 35mm on the 5DMII is a 35mm. A 35mm on your D60 is like a 50mm. All of the DSLR’s unless they are a full frame, have a crop factor of usually 1.6. So if you multiply 35 x 1.6 you get 56 which is close to 50mm. Make sense?? :-) So on the 5DMII the 35mm becomes a wide angle lens.

The only issue with lenses not working on other cameras (at least with Canon) has to do with the lens being and EF or EF-S.

Kristen says:

Hey, question for you Ariana, did you sell your Sigma 30mm 1.4 because it would essentially be like a 50mm on your 5dm2? But it would have worked on the 5dm2 though right? I’m trying to figure out if I should try to sell mine with my d60, or keep it while upgrading. I love that lens!

Gillian says:

Hey ariana,
Just wanted to let you know that 1st wishes has a few little cute cowboy things. They have red napkins that look like bandanas….made me think of you. Also wanted to say thanks for the post about the bergen county zoo. Took my son today and absolutely loved it….perfect for lil ones. Good luck on the planning.

ariana says:

Jacqui, the page you linked me to is so helpful! I think I’m going to get that giant jointed cowboy cut out for the photos.. what do you all think?

Sarah, I LOVE those ideas.. those balloons are ADORABLE!

Sarah says:

My friend did a really cute western party. She used a background that has westerny pics on it and it made it look cool, esp. in sepia.

She also had these cow-print balloons, which were super-cute:

The bar/drinks was labeled Watering Hole, she put out bandannas, badges, and mustaches for those who came sans costume, and had bales of hay to sit on. My other friend put up a clothesline which was cute (her favors were onesies for the kids)…

Just some ideas to get the juices flowing!

ariana says:

Shane you’re such a smartypants! :)

Shane says:

@ariana If you insist on taking the pictures of the dress-up booth, I suggest you set a defined time for doing it! Say ‘Photo Booth is open from 1-1:30 pm’ and get the kiddos to cycle through. Then it can reduce the risk of it taking up an over whelming amount of time.

ariana says:

Good idea Steph!

Danielle, what a great link! Truth is, I burnt myself out on the DYI projects at Jasper’s first so I’m TRYING to restrain myself LOL.

So cute Aimee!! I love the attitude :)

Here’s a link to some great prop templates in case you want to make your own.

And for a backdrop, you could sew together a bunch of bandanas or blow up a wanted posted with a big hole in it for people to pose in.

Stephanie says:

You could do old-timey sepia prints and then it doesn’t matter what color the backdrop is. :)

Hope the party is WONDERFUL!!!

ariana says:

Cool Aimee.. post a link to a pic, I’d love to see!!

Aimee says:

western backdrop unless you do something outdoors. :-) Love that shop. Bought many items from her!