Books from Across the Pond

Whenever my aunt Diane visits from Scotland she brings Jasper adorable books that I never hear about on this side of the Atlantic.

Last time it was  Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack:

Which Jasper adores.  It’s the cute story of a duck (Zachary Quack) who repeatedly tries to befriend the aloof dog (Hairy Maclaray.)

This time “Auntie Diane” brought two more adorable books that have a definite British sensibility.  It’s not just the difference in words (like “licky lolly” instead of “lollypop”) it’s also something about the way they are written.. I can’t exactly describe it, but if you ever read through them you’ll get what I mean.

The first one “Don’t Lose Pigley, Wibbly Pig” is Jasper’s hands down favorite.  It starts off with Wibbly big being at a birthday part (which scores big points with Jasper) and follows his adventure trying to retrieve his lost piggy doll (Pigley) with his party favors.  Jasper makes me read it at least 5 times in a row.

MY favorite is The Gruffalo. It’s completely brilliant, both the illustrations and the rhyming verse “Silly thing, don’t you know? There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo…” (which of course, there turns out to be!)

It’s just so charming, and perfect I don’t mind reading it over and over again!

Just a little recommendation if you needed to add some new books to the library..

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Kelsey says:

“Jojo’s Revenge” by Mick Inkpen is one of my favorites, so I’ll definitely have to check out Wibbley Pig!