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The way it works is you just post any question you have in a comment and other readers can comment with an answer to your question or post one of their can be about parenting, photography, or just whatever you feel like throwing out there!

So, what’s on your mind?


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Shilpi says:

Thanks Mrs Brown…I do make a big deal about ‘hits’…once it even scared him ;-)
I saw that boot camp thing on tv and tried it for a week…I was exhausted and couldnt take it anymore with all that cleaning. I think it works for toddlers older than my son’s age (i.e 21 months) and more verbal. I will though try it again at some point.

ariana says:

I haven’t really gotten to potty training yet, so I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to help too much – but my ONE friend who shared her experiences with me did that “potty training boot camp” thing where you basically quit diapers cold turkey and rush baby to the potty whenever you start to see them go.. sounds crazy but from what I hear it WORKS!

Fiona, that’s a tough one.. I’m not sure. If it were me I guess I’d let her sleep with you at least until she’s in a down cycle with the teething.. it’s so hard on them :(

shae says:

Fiona- I say put her with you to ease the transition of a new house. But I am a wimp! I think it would be hard to be in a new place and not have mommy close by when that all she is used to. But then again look how long it to me….so maybe I am not the best person to ask!

Good luck!

Mrs Brown says:

Shilpi – this is what we do too. My daughter is 20 months and some times even pats her crotch and says poo when she needs to go. I don’t stress the misses and make a big deal about the ones we catch. It seems to be OK so far.

Shilpi says:

I have been following your blog but never posted…I think its time :)love your blog.I want to talk about Potty Training,I have 21 months old boy.I started taking him to bathroom with me,made him sit on potty with diapers on for few weeks and then without diapers.We have had hits and misses,he now knows what he needs to do when sitting on potty but we still havent ditched diapers. I have to observe him for poop and take him immediately to potty but if i miss observing him then he does it in diaper and comes to me aftewards and sometimes he doesnt. He doesnt tell me to go potty,I take him after intervals like in morning,after day’s nap,after lunch,after dinner/before night sleep.I am not sure if my approach is right or wrong. Need your 2cents…thanks


Fiona says:

My daughter is 8 months. We have had her in a cot next to our bed since she was born. We live in Berlin, Germany at present and live in an apartment which doesn’t have a baby room, but we have a really huge bedroom so it isn’t a squash. We’re moving back to England in a couple of weeks and we will be living somewhere with much more room. We will have a large bedroom on the third floor of a house, and then the baby room is on 2nd floor – one floor below us.

Should I put her in her own room from the word go in our new house, or should she sleep with us for a few weeks to get her used to the change of environment? She goes to bed at 7.30-8.30 and wakes up around 6.45. She is still breastfed along with solids and wakes around 4.30 for a feed. She’s teething at the moment though…waking more often and wanting cuddles. She sleeps longer if she is next to me, but wary of getting into the habit…

Fiona x

Wendy says:

I think that’s a great point, I’ll have to express to him how much of a big deal the “big boy bed” will be, and get him some new bedding to help ease the transition!

shae says:

I vote for bright colors in pictures that coordinate – matching white shirts are terrible! (I think!)

We just converted my little girl’s crib to a toddler bed and she is doing great. She actually never used the crib – she slept with us (I know, judge away!). She is 22 months old and we just put her up there one night and made a BIG deal about her getting to sleep in her big girl bed – and it worked. She has been doing it about a week straight now. The downside is I do have to stay up there with her (on the floor beside the bed) until she is really tired. Then I tell her I will be back to check on her and I just leave. I am actually stunned that this all worked considering she slept with us for so long! But she loves it and talks NON-STOP about her “big girl bed.”

ariana says:

Wendy, it’s hard for me to say because my VADO was HD whereas my flip was for the same price I could get an HD vado. I do have to say I like the software that comes with the flip better than the vado software, only because the vado software would crash when I tried to blend two movies together. It’s not a necessary software though, just nice to have. I think either will do the job just fine, I kinda chose on price and it seems that the vados are just a bit more affordable for the same functionality!

ariana says:

Oh good! Here’s another one I did for her too that’s a bit more colorful:

White is hard for the photographer.. I wouldn’t say NEVER wear white, but it’s hard to match the value of white with anything else so that the person wearing white doesn’t stand out more in a glowing sort of way!

Wendy says:

So do you prefer the VADO over the flip then?

suzy says:

LOVE the what to wear guide. This will definitely help me compose our outfits. I also heard that white shirts aren’t great to wear – would you agree?

ariana says:

Hi Wendy, thank you! I just put Jasper down for his nap.. on the floor! So, basically, he just prefers to sleep on the floor and I’ve just come to accept it. We lay down a bunch of blankets and it’s quite comfy so I figure why fight it. Some day he will sleep in his bed. But we also put a lock outside the door, which I guess seems cruel, but really, keeping him IN his room is safer and it’s no “crueler” than keeping a child confined to his crib IMO.

As far as the camcorder, we got the creative VADO, it’s linked on the right in the “in my camera bag” section, though I’d bet they have a new version available by now :)

Suzy, I always recommend coordinating but NOT matching!! If a client is open to it, I actually offer to create a what to wear guide personalized for them. Here is one I did for a recent client, all outfits available from old navy & gap (although maybe not anymore, summer stuff has been on clearance!)

What to Wear Summer 2010

You can see that everything coordinates together well but doesn’t “match” as in everyone wears khakis and a white shirt (shudder!) Hope that helps!

Wendy says:

I love reading your blog!! How is your son doing with sleeping in a big boy bed? My son is about 26 months and is still in the crib…I’m dreading switching to a bed, (fear or walking up while I’m in the shower and roaming freely, while daddy is at work). Also a while back, you had raved your camcorder? What was it again? We’re wanting to get an affordable one :o)

suzy says:

Adriana – Photography question for you. We are having family photos taken in a few weeks. My husband and I, our 2 yr. old daughter and 7 mos. old son. My daughter and I have blond hair, blue eyes and my husband and son are browned haired, brown eyed. I am struggling with what we should wear? Do you think it looks better if families are color coordinated? Bright colors vs. muted colors? Jeans? Should we wear what mom and dad look best in or focus on the kids? Any guidance on what you think works best would be appreciated.

ariana says:

Michelle, Not 4am, but Jasper around that age was only sleeping until 5:40.. so there is definitely hope for you yet!

Michelle says:

I’m so jealous of the both of you! My almost-18-mo-old has apparently got it all backwards! She slept through the night as an infant…probably until 8 months or so. Now, she wakes up sometime in the 4 o’clock hour. It is not fun!! Crossing my fingers that this will soon change!

Joelle says:

I will echo your thoughts on sleep. Natalie has always been a good sleeper, going through phases of growth and teething which keep her awake at night and wanting to cuddle…but something has changed in the last month and she is now sleeping later and later, especially on the weekends. Last Sunday she didn’t wake up until 11:00 am! Hope it continues, until she is a teenager and then I hope she wakes up at 6:00 am on her own for school :)

ariana says:

No one?
Ok, summer fridays are slow so I’ll start. Not a question but a statement:

Over the past few weeks Jasper has gone from waking up at 6am to waking up around 8am!!!!!!! I probably shouldn’t even post that because a) everyone will hate me and b) i’ll probably jinx it, but I want to give hope to all you sleep deprived moms out there that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel eventually :)