The “Carmelo”

For those of you that don’t speak Jasper, that’ means carnival, which we took him to for the first time Saturday night!

While most of the rides weren’t appropriate for the under two set, there was  of course a carousel:


and the “Jalopy” train which jasper did NOT want to get out of!


and LOTS to look at:


In fact, they had all sorts of fun crazy things they never had when we were kids, like a pool of water and these giant clear beach ball looking things that people go inside and “walk” which looks like a hampster running on a wheel.

And this bungee thing where you get strapped in and jump incredibly high into the air:



The night ended on a great note when Jasper and Jeff hit the hammer to ring the bell:


and won the coolest prize – a blue light Saber!


I think going to the “carmelo” will become a great summer family tradition.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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ariana says:

Kristy – Jasper left his on and was so sad when it stopped lighting up. Poor li’l guy! :(

Sorry I missed this! Honestly, I’m still a bit on the hunt for THE perfect albums. I’m just created a Jlee to use as my session album, but the response I got from the one client I showed it to so far was ok, she didn’t go gaga over it or anything. Finao sells one called Seldex that is a matted gallery album that I LOVE but it’s much more $$, not sure I want to almost double my COG on that. For your session album I would just keep it simple. But yes, any album company sells swatches you can show to your clients.

Session albums basically it’s all pictures go in which is why they are cheaper for the client, no design time! My session album is 20 pics, so the clients decision would be which ones do NOT go in, but I would still give them any left overs as 5×7 prints.

Coffee table albums I think I am going to order from Forbeyon.. WHCC’s new hinged press album looks nice, but I do NOT like the added red I get from their press prints.

Hope that helps!

Fiona says:


Looks like you guys had a great time! I am also looking forward to hearing about Jasper’s 2nd Birthday Party preparations…..

I was also wondering….I have been looking at your photography website and would love to see some of the albums you create for your clients….session albums and coffee table albums. How do you present these to clients? Do you have a selection of album covers for them to choose from or just one to keep it simple? Who decides which pictures are put where? I’d love to know how you go about this.

Have a great day.


Kristy says:

Yay! Glad you guys had fun! JoJo has that SAME light saber…His uncle got it for him right before he had to be whisked away from the 4th of July Fireworks (“no like it fireworks”). It has provided both of my boys with HOURS of entertainment… of course, the hubby and I are kinda glad the batteries finally ran out :-)