Wanted – the Notorious Jasper Jack

in bed or alive..

I finally found some time to design the invites – I can’t wait to get them back from the printer!

I haven’t made too much progress on the rest of the planning, though I did find a great random (church?) web page about cowboy games:


I’ve been wondering if instead of a western backdrop and props for a “photobooth” set up if I can’t convince Jeff to put his amazing artistic skills to use and do one of those cut out things that you stick your faces through? We’ll see!  This is one of those times when I’m so sad that Polaroid is no more, I still have a camera somewhere, but the film is hard to come by.

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Nicole c. says:

Gorgeous idea. Who did you use to print your invitations? I never know where to go so I use my home printer and kill my ink :-(

ariana says:

Hi Nicole, I use my pro photo lab (prodpi.com) but if you aren’t a photographer I believe you can get similar things from mpix, whcc.com or even vistaprint has “holiday” cards that you can upload your own design and are 5×7. I can’t vouch for the quality though as I’ve never used them :)

Orly says:

these are adorable! love your blog. how did you design these? did you use a program? have my son’s 2 in october and am thinking personally designed invites might be a nice way to go!

ariana says:

Hi Orly,
I used photoshop, but it could be done in other programs as well. Mostly I just downloaded a lot of free fonts and played around :)

ariana says:

Thanks Danielle, great link!! I wonder where one gets bales of hay in NYC and the surrounding areas LOL :)

Just saw this cowboy party round up and thought of you. I love the bales of hay for a food display!


ariana says:

Thanks Jen! :)

jen says:

hi, i’m new here. i stumbled across your blog during a google search on newborn photo editing tutorials (i’m a graphic designer who is just getting into photography and am OBSESSED). and i have to say, i just read your blog for half an hour and it just might be one of my favorites!!!! i love it!!!! i’m so glad i found it. i’ll be bookmarking you for sure!
– jen :)

Brandy says:

This is fantastic!!
Love them!! My son turns two pretty soon too, guess I better start planning also! :)
Your son is so cute!!

Jennifer Palazzo says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I can’t wait for the party.

Vanessa says:

What an adorable invite!

Jen says:

Oo – there’s a full-sized (I think?) fujifilm option as well:

Jen says:

Love, love, love the invite!

Fujifilm also has an instant camera, but I think it might use the small film size, too:

ariana says:

Reagan, how did I not know poloroid was back? Thanks for the tip! Too bad the film size is only business card size.. odd!

ariana says:

Thanks everyone!

Awesome Idea Kari! Easier too than what I was thinking :)

jbhat says:

OMG. SO clever. So cute. VERY well done. I am so impressed! The invitees are going to be thrilled when they open these invitations.


wanderluster says:

Incredible! I was just going to suggest the same thing as Kari. Wanted posters would be so much fun.

Lourdes says:

Just adorable Ariana, as usual!

danielle says:

going to seem like a silly question…what did you use or how did you design the invites. i am looking to do my son’s for his party in aug.

kari says:

cutest invitation i’ve ever seen.

LOVE the cut out idea…. you could always use the “wanted poster” theme… blow up the invite and change up the wording a bit – and have the kids face in the middle :)

maybe something like:

in bed or alive
((insert face cut out))

(have kids first hames pre printed on a separate piece of paper that they can velcro on etc. have some blank ones for those “Unexpected” guests.. or… spray paint a blackboard rectangle for the name and have chalk available to fill in the name)

Last seen at Jasper Jack’s notorious birthday party!

((Insert REWARD info..))

Bethany Joy says:

So cute!! I love it

pam says:


I am now thinking of getting my boys into cowboys just so I can use this for their third bday party. :) Which is appropriate seeing as I found your blog when I was looking for ideas for their monkey-themed 2nd bday party. :D

Regan says:

Hi Ariana – I love your blog and have commented once or twice in the past. Jasper’s invitations are adorable! Polaroid brought back the instant camera… http://www.polaroid.com/category/0/354633/Classic_Instant

Good luck with the rest of your planning!