Second Birthday Party Planning is Underway..

Wow, it just really snuck up on me.. it’s the middle of July, which means I have just over a month to plan Jasper’s second birthday!!

By underway I mean I’ve done three things:

1) Created a “facebook event” as a save the date, and well, back up incase I don’t get it together to send out invitations in the mail

2) Picked a theme – Cowboy!  For the past few weeks I’ve been asking Jasper if he wants a cowboy, baseball or football party. He kind of changes his mind daily so I decided that because a cowboy party offers cuter design opportunities we’d go with that. Plus, he already has the hat, boots and..

3) Ordered this awesome Kate Quinn organic shirt when had it on sale a few days ago:

So that just leaves a to-do list about a mile long..I still have to create and send out the invites, figure out what we are serving, do a million things to the yard to prepare, figure out party favors and games, figure out decorations etc etc. Ya know, in all my free time!

I definitely want to keep this one more stress free than the last one, which you may recall gave me mastitis because my stress level was so high I couldn’t produce milk! (thank God I don’t have to worry about THAT this time around :)

What are you all doing for the big TWO? Bonus if you are doing or did a cowboy themed party and can share some great ideas/links :)

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lelu says:

Oh, and I think I saw some kids horseshoe games at Target in the dollar spot. Good luck, and I hope Japser has a great birthday!

lelu says:

We did a cowboy party for my son’s fourth birthday a couple years ago. I bought red bandanas for all of his guests and we had stick horse races and played horse shoes. I wish the dollar store had stick horses back then. What a great find!

ariana says:

OMG, you guys are the BEST SOURCE of info in the world.. Jenny, the cowboy gymboree stuff is a GOLDMINE!

Jenny says:

FYI Gymboree’s new line for boys is Cowboy….maybe something cute there.

ariana says:

Yay, I just called and they have them instore for just $1 each!! Awesome.

ariana says:

Ok, so a reader just emailed me about these horse sticks at dollar tree:

but I don’t need 48 of them!! I sort of remember someone (Ava?) saying that maybe dollar tree has them in the store too? Does anyone know?

Michelle says:

Liv is turning 2 in October and we are just planning a party for her and our family. I’ve always gone with no more kids than the birthday age at a party – which would mean 2. She won’t know the difference anyway. She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so that will be our theme for decorations and cake. We aren’t having a bigger party with her friends until she is maybe 3 but definately 4.

Alison says:

Keep us posted! My little boy is turning 1 Aug 13 :(…and we are having a cowboy themed party!
Invitations are out now we are working on decorations! If you send invitations or thank you notes, the post office has cowboy stickers! this really added to the invite. also, i bought him an adorable suede vest and we bought cowboy sticker books for the older kids as a party favor.
I have no idea what we are doing for the cake but I need to figure that out soon!

Sarah says:

Cute shirt. I love Kate Quinn stuff!
I was JUST today telling my husband that we need to get started on Finn’s year 2 birthday video. The big day isn’t until early October, but we both teach high school and have ZERO time after mid-August. Trying to do that early will HELP, but the question still remains: HOW can I plan a party that doesn’t totally stress me out like Finn’s first birthday party did? Have it somewhere besides my house? It sounds like you’ve got a nice yard and the weather will be pleasant for an outdoor party where you live. I’m jealous: In South Florida the weather is HOT until November or later, and last year my air conditioning broke the day of the party!

Amy says:

here are some cute parties:

Party Perfect is a great party planning website in general, so I encourage you to scroll through and check it out!

Michelle says:

we had a cowboy theme party in the works earlier (we pick our themes early, Jack turns 2 in August) But he really loves owls and who knows if he will be that crazy about them next year, so that is our theme… owls.

I googled images of cowboy cakes and there were some really cute tiered ones that had cow print fondant~

ariana says:

I love the star idea JB! I have no idea.. one and two. How did it happen??

jbhat says:

Oh, I’m glad you loved Kari’s idea! Very cute.

Well, our little one has the same birthday as Jasper, and she’ll be turning one. (I am looking forward to her having a summer birthday, since our kiddo’s birthday is on 12/31..brr!) Her name means star, so I am going with a star theme for her party. Nothing too elaborate, but am going with star-shaped decorations, invitations and food, and am inviting mostly just family and close friends. And like you, now I am freaking out that it’s practically just a month away. How did this year go by so quickly??


ariana says:

Awww.. I LOVE that this time around the themes are dictated by what our kids LOVE – they are such little people already!

Molly says:

We’re doing a train theme. Not necessarily Thomas the Train. Just general trains because he loves all things CHOO CHOO.

So the theme is “Choo Choo, Landon is Turning Two!”

I’m excited and sentimental all at the same time. I can’t believe it’s almost been two years already!

pam says:

I think the first birthday party is for the parents, and the 2nd one (and those thereafter) are more for the kids. I also stressed out about the 1st bday party, and so for the 2nd, we did NOT have it at home (it was at the children’s museum here) and it was so much better for me because I didn’t worry about things (or have to clean the house.)

Our theme was monkeys last year. I need to start thinking about the 3rd birthday party, gasp! Since there are three of them, I want something to do with “3”s. Hmm.

ariana says:

Kari – that’s such an awesome idea!!!! I’m totally going to do that if I can find such a background (??)

Now I’m getting birthday envy hearing about everyone’s plans.. sea world? Lego land? Petting zoo? maybe I should rethink :)

Claudia says:

Thank you for reminding me that I have to get on the ball too! Jordan’s birthday is on the 20th, so I’m working on the same timeline here! I hear you about keeping it simple. I think I’ll just do it at my mom’s house and save the larger party for Christian who is turning 5 in September (talk about back to back planning). I know I should just do one party for both, but I kind of feel bad that they don’t have their own special day.

chantal says:

We’re throwing a small ladybug themed party this time around. My due date is only three weeks after, so I’m trying to keep it low maintenance and low stress this time around. Quite a few kids are coming, and it’s been hot here, so I’m thinking of filling up the water table and kiddie pool and just doing burgers in the backyard to keep everybody cool and occupied. Regular party craziness will resume next year. :)

Ava says:

Oooh, I think a cowboy party will be a TON of fun. At the dollar store they had some great stick horses. You can put 2-3 out for the kids.

A cowboy hat is of course a must. Besides that, I wouldn’t do too much to stress yourself out. I don’t think anyone other than you will appreciate the decorations as much.

We’re doing a train party for G. We have a deposit with a local “farm” that offers pony rides, a private bounce house, some goats to feed and train rides around the property. I would’ve liked a petting zoo, but we have no room for it, so this is our alternative. Should be fun though.

Samm says:

How funny, we are doing exactly what the previous poster says – skipping the party and heading down to San Diego. Next year when she’ll probably have friends of her own, we’ll throw a party.

The cowboy theme sounds fun! Sounds like a good oppt for a BBQ too!

kari says:

great party idea!
i am thinking that you need to set up a photo backdrop for one of those sepia toned western images (like that you get at the fair)… maybe a silly saloon or something – or some bales of hay etc.

as for liam’s #2… we decided in lieu of a big party this year – we are going to san diego for sea world/ lego land etc. it may be the only opportunity we have to “skip” the big party and party planning festivites… as next year i am sure he won’t let it slip.

have fun planning – can’t wait to see the creative goodness you come up with!!