Photoshop Friday : Lush Grass

One of my photoshop idols Damien has a post about the misconception that grass is green. As far as photoshop is concerned, grass is actually almost completely yellow!

Which of course makes it tricky to adjust it’s color – you always end up needing to mask back your subject’s skin because skin contains a lot of yellow.

So when you want to adjust your grass color, you will be working with the yellows.  Here are my two favorite tricks for making grass look lush:

1) Do a hue saturation layer and select yellows from the drop down. Move the hue slider slightly to the right, essentially adding more blue.

2) Do a selective color layer and select yellows from the dropdown.  Bring the magenta slider down – a lot. I find that blah grass tends to have a lot of magenta in it, probably the deadish and dry grass is redish.  You can even do the same in the neutrals dropdown for a more dramatic effect.

Here is a before and after of a small adjustment to bring down the magenta in the yellows:



It’s a subtle but nice difference – the after definitely has a more “lush” look.

One thing to keep in mind is that bright/overly saturated grass can go nuclear really fast and actually be out of gamut, which means that your lab can’t print that crazy psychedelic green! That’s where soft proofing with your lab’s profiles can be  really important so you know exactly what you’ll be getting.

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