The Bunny Says..

I had a family session this past weekend with a beautiful little girl 2 and a half year old from Jasper’s daycare.  I’ve taken a few pictures of her before at daycare events and she was always a perfect model – she would actually sit still and look at the camera. I thought she’d be a snap to photograph compared to Jasper….Bwaaahaaahaaa.

We got to the shoot location and the SECOND they set her down she was off running and didn’t stop the whole session! Literally RUNNING away from me!  She wanted nothing to do with even being held for a shot with mom or dad, and certainly didn’t want to stand still or look at me. That is, until I brought out the pez bunny!

For those of you who don’t know, Pez dispensers fit into the hot shoe of your camera.  As is, they fit with the character facing you (obviously not very useful) but you can trim the edges a tiny bit with a strong scissors and they will slide in with the character facing your subject too.

I had only pulled the bunny (and my kazoo!) out in desperation, not really sure if she’d show any interest, but she IMMEDIATELY wanted to pet the bunny.  I told her that the bunny was shy and that if she got too close he’d want to run away (and then I’d take a few steps back to demonstrate.)   Then in a stroke of desperation inspiration I held the Pez bunny up to my ear as if he were talking to me and said “The bunny said you should go sit with mommy and daddy and give them a hug!”  At which point she would run over to mom and dad and sit for maybe half a second (and I’d snap snap snap) and then get up and run over to me again for bunny’s next instruction.

All I can say is THANK GOD for bunny!  I honestly don’t think I’d have been able to get a full gallery’s worth of images if he hadn’t been in my bag.   So, thanks to bunny, we got a few good shots Saturday:

All images shot with my canon Canon 5D Mark II and the magic lens (Canon 70-200L 2.8 IS II) at around f 3.2, and SS around 320 or so depending on the light.

So, if you are a photographer or just a hobbyist or a mom with a stubborn toddler, you may want to try having imaginary conversations with Pez dispensers. Cause, you know, we don’t act crazy enough already trying to get our kids to look at the camera!! ;)

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jacqui says:

LOVE your blog! Your pics are beyond beautiful! I’m sitting here overdue…waiting for my baby to come and your blog has been so much fun to read:)

Sylvia says:

I read your whole blog and gosh time flies. Jasper is so big now :) I’m 8 weeks pregnant myself and came across your website whilst searching for belly images at 8 weeks :) I seem to be showing fast too. Anyway, congratulations, you have a beautiful boy! I can’t wait to see my child for the first time :-D

Brandy says:

Beautiful shots!! Great setting!

Loukia says:

What beautiful pictures!

kari says:


pam says:

genius! i saw some toy story pez dispensers the other day, i’ll have to see if i can get them before the boys’ next monthly picture. :D

Dawn says:

GORGEOUS!!! And what a location! LOVE the one of the three of them sitting. You rocked this shoot! Go Bunny, go Ari!