Photography Friday: Some Studio Samples

As if your camera, lenses, insurance, props and everything else weren’t enough, at some point during  your journey towards becoming a professional photographer you are going to also need to invest in studio samples.  The most expensive of these will be the gallery wrapped canvases, but you have to bite the bullet – if you ever plan on selling them to your clients they need to see how fabulous they are!

I ordered a 16×20 as a sample and I WISH I’d gone larger :(   Doesn’t 16×20 sound huge? Well, it isn’t.. and it won’t make much of a statement unless grouped with other canvases (stay tuned for more on that concept later with examples!)  But, at least you can see the quality of these beautiful pieces..

I ordered mine from Pixel2Canvas, and I also signed up with Simply Canvas, who offer great deals on Samples. Will try them next!

Here are some snapshots of the canvas, my lack of product photography skills does NOT do it justice..

You can see in that last one how the image actually wraps AROUND all four sides. That’s one of the thing that makes gallery wraps so special.  But it also means it’s not for every picture.. you can imagine how a close crop would be really problematic- obviously you don’t want part of a person’s head/face wrapping around the sides!  If you don’t have enough image to wrap, you can also choose to have any solid color on the four sides, but I prefer to use the image itself if at all possible (this is where my “stretching the canvas” tutorial comes in handy!) which is one of the reasons I have cured myself of the bad habit of doing close in camera crops – that extra room can be invaluable when cropping to certain aspect ratios or in creating products like canvases or press printed cards.

Another studio sample I got in recently were my accordion minis. These are itty bitty 3×3 albums that pack alot of punch in terms of the number of images you can fit in them and their ability to tell a little story of a shoot.  Because they are so small and require a bit of design time, I don’t offer them as an ala carte option, they are only included with my two top collections.

I really love mine though – I find them a little like candy. As soon as you finish one you want to make another!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Alicia says:

Oh – one more thing – cuz I know we’re both so thrifty! I NEED me some canvas samples, and even though I have no idea if my images will print correctly (ie – blowouts and clippings), I just ordered THREE different canvases from Canvas On Demand (16×20, 20×24, and 20×30) and grand total came to…. you ready? $110 including shipping! They applied the $85 discount AND their 40% Sample Discount! So, if you’re looking for more studio samples – this site will hook you up!

Alicia says:

Awesome as always! I signed up with Canvas On Demand Pro – they give you an $85 credit towards your first purchase!

Kristen says:

Love them! I just got my first order from P2C too, love it. You should try their metal too, I ordered a B&W on metal and it’s by far my FAVORITE! So cool. I think if I get in gear before next year, I’m going to order the acordians for Mother’s Day presents. Since you have to order 3 min, one for mom, MIL, and myself!

BTW, congrats on Prepro!! Totally deserved & worked your butt off for.

Natalie says:

Fabulous – thank you very much! I love your photography
posts – my husband is always asking how come I know some cool stuff :)

Natalie says:

Love the accordion mini! Where did you get those from :)

ariana says:

Natalie, these are from WHCC – MPixPro has them too :)

Vanessa says:

The canvas wrap looks amazing. Of course, that amazingly sweet picture helps quite a bit too!

Ava says:

Ha! That’s funny. I was just thinking about canvas prints in the car this morning… but not for studio samples. Just for the house.

I’ll def. save this vendor to look at. Augie had mentioned one too that I’ve been meaning to check out…

ariana says:

Yes! You should definitely get some for the house! I am so sad that we have absolutely ZERO empty wallspace or I’d have a whole wall of canvas LOL. I can’t even find a good place for this one 16×20!

Claudia says:

Those little accordion books are so cute! The canvas wrap looks gorgeous too. =o)