The Boy Who Hated Bubble Bath

Yes, that would be MY crazy kid…

Yesterday we had to run to BRU to get diapers. Of course, $84 later I had several other unnecessary items in my cart including what I thought was going to be a HUGE hit with Jasper:

California Baby Overtired & Cranky Bubble Bath

It had Jasper written all over it.. bubbles (one of his favorite things in the world) and overtired and cranky – that’s Jasper to a T! Plus, I liked that it was all natural blah blah blah and would probably make bathtime more fun, which equals easier time scrubbing for me. I should add that this product is not cheap, but it’s a big bottle and organic, and would be SO worth the hours of fun it would provide, right?

So bathtime rolls around and I go fill up his tub, pour the solution in and bring Jasper into the bathroom expecting him to be so excited. BUBBLES! In the TUB!!!

I could tell it wasn’t going over as well as I’d hoped as soon as he began backing a way a little.. then the “no, no, no” started, followed by intense SCREAMING when we put him in. Screaming on the same scale as if somehow, instead of bubbles the tub was full of acid or boiling water. Only after I’d meticulously skimmed the entire tub free of bubbles did he allow himself to be put in, and even THEN it required major distraction because the water was still white-ish from the bubble solution. In fact, he proceeded to cry through the entire bathtime, just not with the same glass shattering intensity of when the bubbles were still in there.

It was the most stressful bath experience ever (ok, maybe the poop in the tub incident was a little worse, but this is a close second!). On the plus side, it sure solved the problem of how to get him out without protest!

But you know what was the most “Jasper” part of the whole experience? As soon as we took him out he pointed to the tub and said “bubbles?” as if to say “Hey, what did you do with my BUBBLES?? I wanted to play with those!!” and has been requesting” bubble bath” ever since.

Yeah kid, I wouldn’t count on getting another bubble bath. EVER.

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Pamela says:

Abby was also afraid out about it at first, but then she liked it. She had to get used to it.

Fiona says:

One of your best posts, Ariana! Loving it. Poor you…funny Jasper Jack. You guys make me giggle!

chantal says:

Oh, I second the suggestion of letting him watch you put the bubble stuff in. Annora does much better now that I let her watch me more it in and she can see the bubbles “growing” out of a plain tub.

Stacy says:

This post made me giggle! It’s amazing the things we think our little ones will love and when then don’t you just gotta laugh!

Emily says:

My son loves baths and bubbles, but not bubblebaths :). My brother bought him a bubble maker that runs and blows suds into the bathtub, and my son acts as if it is the most.terrifying.thing.ever.

Kimberly says:

What if you put him in the tub THEN add bubbles? Maybe it won’t be as overwhelming?

Silly toddlers!

Wendy K. says:

My son used to love bubble baths, then one day out of nowhere, he screamed and cried the WHOLE time because he did not want the bubbles in the bath. It’s been about a month now and he’s done perfectly fine with just a plain bath. Bubbles have now become an outdoor fascination only.

Mrs Brown says:

Ellie is only OK with bubbles if she is in the tub as the water runs in. Other wise she seems to be afraid the loch ness monster in hiding under them or something.

ariana says:

Ok.. phew, glad Jasper isn’t the only one! I guess I’ll try again.. but honestly, I’m a bit traumatized LOL :)

Stephanie C. says:

Milo hated it the first time too but LOVES it now. I think it’s just the suprise of it at first. I’d give it a few days and then try again! But let him watch you pour the stuff in and he’ll see where they come from.

chantal says:

I just started doing bubble baths with Annora. She was really freaked out at first but now seems to like it. I say try again – if he’s like Annora, it’ll just take a couple tries and then he’ll be loving it.

pam says:

Yeah, I feel you. My boys LOVE blowing bubbles. It’s like their favorite thing on earth. But bubbles in the tub? SCARY! Toddlers are weird.

And for the record, they used to LOVE bubble baths. So I dunno what’s up with that. And they won’t sit in the tub. Only stand. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now in your post. :)