Baby Bodhi and More..

It was an action packed weekend.. and it all started Saturday morning with a newborn shoot for my friend Janaki’s baby Bodhi.. beautiful baby Bodhi. Beautiful bright eyed and bushy tailed Bodhi who would NOT fall asleep for us!

He definitely made me work for it.. I was there for 5 hours and he slept for maybe a total of 30 minutes? And when we tried to pose him he just did not want to be moved. Sometimes that’s just the way it goes, you get a few good shots and that’s all the little guys want to give you. Nothing you can do about that! At least, at very least I we got this pose that I had in my mind pretty much as soon as I found out they were pregnant:

I had planned on a few variations of that pose, but Bodhi had other ideas and started crying about half a second later!

You can see how much he was fighting the sleep here in this one- *Yawn!*

More, bigger and better on my photography website..

Right from the shoot, I went to Jasper’s friend Peyton’s birthday party and was going to meet Jeff and Jasper there.. I pulled up to the house and noticed the lack of cars and had the distinct feeling that I had gotten the days confused.. turns out I had, sort of.   Actually, Peyton’s mom Ami had changed the date from Saturday to Sunday and forgot to copy us on the email changing the dates., but it turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise when our impromptu playdate turned into a huge celebration when their lost cat returned 5 minutes after we arrived! Plus, instead of sharing birthday girl Peyton with all of her partygoing admirers on Sunday we got to have her for a private celebration:

Jasper was happy too, he even let Peyton get a good smooch in:

He usually plays hard to get, but I guess he made an exception for her birthday!

In other news, Jasper is crying much less at bedtime, but still lets out a few heartbreaking wails and is still sleeping on the floor.  I no longer think it’s just a case of that he’s sleepy so he wears himself out and collapses on the floor, he actually PREFERS the floor!  And I know this because I say “Jasper, let’s lie down and cuddle in your “big boy” or “cowboy” bed as we call it (in his favorite book the Brave Cowboy the cowboy has a big boy bed so I started calling it the cowboy bed in hopes that he’d want to emulate his little hero) and he says “No, Floor” and and lays down on the blanket on the floor next to his bed.

So I think the new plan will be to bring the futon from our guest room into his room and use that for the time being.. the dilemma is what to do with his bed? We can’t take it down unless we never want to use it again because of the stripped screws holding the mattress support. I don’t know if he’ll ALWAYS want to sleep on the floor!  Plus, it looks soooo cute right now because in a last ditch effort to make his “cowboy” bed more appealing we put his old crib bumpers up around the edges to make it so cute and cozy.

So that’s my weekend recap.. I have some canvases arriving today – can’t WAIT to share and review them with you all!

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Jaimie says:

What if you put his crib mattress on the floor for now, at bedtime? Not so comfy for you lying down, perhaps, but comfier for him to sleep on. Then, over time, you could try moving it back onto the bed.

kari says:


ariana says:

Thanks Marybeth! He IS a cutie!

Mrs. Brown, the nursery looks exactly the same just with the crib converted to a toddler bed. I took some pics of the bed this morning and will post them tomorrow :)

I LOVE that basket pic. I think I’d love a picture of ANY baby wrapped up and put in that basket, but this one is especially adorable! You are quite talented!

Mrs Brown says:

So can we have some updated nursery pics? I’m curious what other people are doing for toddler bedding since I am only weeks away from it for Ellie.