Cape Cod Recap

We’re baaaaaack! It was awesome. Don’t get me wrong, it had it’s frustrating moments, but all in all our first family vacation was a smashing success.

I will write about the drive up and back and the things that we did to keep Jasper occupied in a separate post on Monday. For now, here’s a little run down of the trip itself..

A little background first. My best friend Alexis just graduated culinary school and she and her boyfriend Scott rented the four bedroom house for the week. They invited us, another couple that have two children (but wisely left them at home with their grandparents!) and another couple Evan & Jen who are also old friends of mine and who are expecting their first baby this fall.  So we were the only ones with offspring in the house, which was maybe the only downside to the whole trip: keeping Jasper quiet in the morning when it was a bit too cold/windy to play outside at 6am and when there is no place in Provincetown/Truro to get breakfast before 8am!

Here is the front of the house:

Here is what was just off the deck in the back of the house.. toddler heaven – a giant “sandbox!”

Just beyond this, over the dunes was the bay.   The beach was full of little pebbles that Jasper spent HOURS throwing into the water:

One day Jasper was lucky enough to find a friend who liked fetching the rocks as much as Jasper liked throwing them!

Jasper took to the beach like a fish to water, I think he’s practicing for the future remake of bay watch (which I have no doubt they will do someday..)

But mostly he just wanted to cuddle with Daddy..

Jasper had lots of firsts on this trip. First time flying a Kite, first time seeing the ocean, first time at a lighthouse:

and even the first time eating ice cream..yes, I’ve been holding out on the poor guy all this time! Unfortunately the afternoon we decided to get ice cream it was unusually cold and windy and we ended up eating it in the only warm place we could find.. the back seat of the car:

Even in all his post nap grumpiness he still loved it of course!

The most challenging aspect of the whole trip was getting him to fall asleep.

The first two nights he had his own room, but the last night we brought his travel cot in our room and he slept at the foot of our bed. The problem was that because the rooms were far from baby proof and completely unfamiliar to Jasper we didn’t feel at all comfortable letting him cry himself to sleep like he has been doing at home for the past three weeks (topic of a future mommy SOS!)  Instead I would stay with him and lay on the floor patting his back until he fell completely asleep and then snuck out.

This worked brilliantly the first night because the short nap on the ride up had him exhausted by bedtime.  The next two days it took a long time to get him to go down and naps were a complete failure.  The first full day we finally gave up on nap and decided to drive somewhere but Jasper fell asleep the second we turned the car engine on.  So the next two days we didn’t even try traditional nap, we drove around for about an hour and used the opportunity to “sight see” in the car.  It was less frustrating because we knew what to expect.

The good news though is that he had no problems sleeping on his cot, I can definitely recommend it as a great lightweight alternative to shlepping a pack and play around.  He really seemed to like it, one night I brought him into our bed and he actually asked to go back into the cot!

All in all I have to say that renting a house on the beach is a perfect low key vacation for a toddler.  At this age when they are so in love with nature they can really appreciate the water, sand and the whole beach experience. In fact, Jasper seems now to be obsessed with everything we saw in cape cod.. from water and sand to lighthouses and particularly boats (which he calls “moats”.)   We called him our little beach bum, I think this smile says it all:

All images shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS II

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Kimberly says:

Gorgeous photos, gorgeous boy! Glad you had such a wonderful time as a family. :)

Funny, I can’t GET James to eat ice cream! Or cake, either, for that matter. He just WILL NOT eat it! I have tried to sneak a bit in, and he just makes his stink face and spits it out. But give the boy green beans… watch out. ;) Guess he just doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth… so weird.

jbhat says:

Welcome home! It sounds like he did well on his first adventure. We are planning a couple of similar home rental style outings this summer too. It makes me wish July was here already seeing your beautiful shots of your fam and of the surrounds.

Here’s to 8/19 babies!!


Kim says:

I’ve got to say… that is the CUTEST house I’ve ever seen!

Cathy Mahoney says:

sounds like you had a wonderful vacation, the pictures are great and Jasper looks very happy. (fun fact: my Bday is also aug 19th, very loving and lovable people these leos ;O)
Jaspers curly hair looks very cute-Dylan also has them curly and wants to let them grow now-looks so sweet and he has the irish genes so his hair is a light redish -brown which looks adorable.
the sleeping in a new and different place is always a challenge and you are definately right it´s usually not possible keeping the home routine-you just have to go along with how the kids react to the new surroundings..
looking forward to reading more…

kari says:

great pics :) sounds like a wonderful wonderful time on the cape!!!

ariana says:

Thanks Stacy, wow- another Aug 19th baby! We have a few of them around here. It’s a very auspicious day :)

LOL, very observant Morgan! I love his curls too.. I knew that he would have to have curly hair because it’s a recessive gene and Jeff & I both have curly hair, but they only recently got so noticeable.. I think they make him look so much more grown up!

morgan says:

I noticed Jeff has the tree/monkey from Jaspers nursery tattooed on his leg! Very cute! Looks like a great trip, love Jaspers curls!

Stacy says:

Great photos! I love reading your blog because my Cooper was born on Aug 19, 2009 and is 1 year yonger than Jasper. This gives me a great idea of to do’s and what to expect. We are planning a trip to Maine for the summer of 2011 and will be renting a house. After reading your post I think it will be the perfect vaction for us! By the way – I love your photos!

ariana says:

Thanks Heather!

Claudia, yeah – he’s not really one to wait for what he wants :)

Claudia says:

What cute pictures! Jasper is so cute and he reminds me of Jordan so much! I love when he took matters in to his own hands because the ice cream wasn’t coming fast enough.

Heather says:

I’m glad you had so much fun…the pictures are adorable!