Happy 21 Months Jasper!

Playing ball...I just want poke that tummy!

21 months.. you are 1 and three quarters! I can’t BELIEVE you’ll be two in three months. Not that you aren’t already acting like a terrible two..

A few days ago while I was trying to get ready for work I left you alone for all of 30 seconds and you got into my Mac eyeshadow palette.. the DARK colors naturally. I had to bring you to daycare with dark olive green eyeshadow caked in your ear! The same morning I tried to distract you with your bath rubber duckies, which you happily grabbed and ran off with.  The next night when it was time for bath I couldn’t find them anywhere-  did you become a magician and make them disappear? It was a mystery that I only solved last night when a little lightbulb went off in my head and I held my nose and opened up the diaper champ (which is probably my least favorite thing to do EVER!) and guess what? There they were.  All three baby ducks and the big yellow mommy duck AND the plastic container they were in that I use to rinse your hair. EWWWWW.  Let’s not do that one again K?

Lately you are obsessed with the Brave Cowboy, you carry the book around everywhere and read it to yourself.  I even convinced you to put on the adorable cowboy boots Lola bought you because you wanted to be like the cowboy. I plan on trying that trick on you again next time I want to take pictures of you in your cowboy hat! You also LOVE playing ball, baseball is your favorite and you are quite a good little slugger. You catch and throw well too, though you are a close-thrower – we have to shield ourselves when we play catch to keep from getting a ball in the face.

I’m already starting to think about themes for your second birthday and so far baseball and cowboy/old west are ones that come to mind.  You will be soooo excited when everyone sings happy birthday to you, it’s still your favorite song.  You quite like birthdays, I couldn’t believe you actually said “Happy Birthday Mum Mum” to Mum Mum on her birthday without anyone even telling you to! Tonight we will sing happy birthday to you for your 21st birthday, and mommy will try not to tear up thinking about how fast the months are flying by..

All my love now and forever,


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Sarah says:

Beautiful letter!

I love how you describe opening the Diaper Champ as your least favorite activity. I avoid it for days and days and when I open it, I always know why I have been avoiding it.

And ours has lost its capacity to keep smell in so we have to change it sooo often it makes me want to gag.

jbhat says:

Happy 21st month, J! He’s a charmer all right. I want to poke that tummy too.


gwen says:

love the picture of jasper!
on a side note, who do you use to print up your photos? i’m not having any luck with the usual…shutterfly, snapfish, they’re just off i dont know what it is.
thanks in advance

Lindsey says:

Ha! We just figured out that Ben has been putting things in his diaper champ. Socks, dental floss, toys. I hate thinking what we might have thrown away already!

Justina says:

Happy 21st month to Jasper! He looks so grown up already! And I loved this shot of him… the light’s really great!

Kimberly says:

You’re a MAC girl too! ;)
I have carefully kept my shadow palettes out of James’ reach, because when Faith (niece) was about 16 months old, my sister and I realized she’d left the room and it was TOO QUIET. I went to find her and did, in my bathroom, with a tube of teal MAC pigment in one hand and a q-tip in the other, carefully applying it like shadow/liner around her eye! It was hysterical. I had to run for my camera before I could scold her for getting into Auntie’s MAC. AND the kicker was, she was wearing a teal sweater, so she matched! SO. FUNNY. I will have to dig the pics out to show you…

I love the pic of Jasper… the belly… so cute! He and James are so alike… how I wish we could get together for playdates!!!

ariana says:

Happy birthday to Liam to! Kari, I didn’t realize I didn’t even add “month” to 21st.. lets not let time get away from us THAT quickly! :)

Fiona, I’m so glad, she will be so happy to read them some day.. now you’ve gone and inspired me to go back and read some of Jasper’s old ones!

kari says:

sweet. sweet. sweet.
happy 21 jasper – CHEERS to that!

Fiona says:

Lovely, Ariana. Jasper is such a sweetie. I’ll remember to hide my make up bag in a few months time!

Because of you I also write letters to my daughter, charting her progress, my feelings, what we do together and my plans. They’re a bit ramble-y, written at no particular time…just when I have chance – I’m not very organized! Already (she is only 6 months old tomorrow) I look back on the letters with joy, bittersweet tears and ‘oh my….I’d forgotten that’ moments.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Fiona x