Beyond Board Books – What Jasper is Reading Now

Ever since I belatedly realized Jasper was ready for “bigger boy” books as in non board books with a little more text and story line than baby books, we’ve both been enjoying storytime a lot more!

Jasper’s daycare actually has a little “library” where you can sign in and out some of their older books and I picked up a few there based on recommendations the last time we talked about books.  But by FAR his favorite at the moment is McDuff and the Baby which Stephanie mentioned.  I have to read it at least twice each night, but I don’t mind at all because I LOVE the illustrations which depict the gorgeous 40’s fashion, seriously I covet Lucy’s shoes (why don’t they make shoes like that anymore??)

Another one that I simply LOVE is “The Brave Cowboy” which is three different little stories about a boy who dresses up as a cowboy. The beauty of the stories lie in Joan Walsch Anglund’s pen and ink illustrations that depict the reality of the little boy on his cowboy adventures in black and white and the parts of the scene that are in the boy’s  imagination in color. They are clever and gorgeous at the same time, and it doesn’t hurt that one of the stories is about a boy and his imaginary friend which is a large bear.  Bears go over very well with Jasper!

Of a more classic variety, I picked up this Curious George Treasury, a collection of 5 stories and Jasper is loving it! He calls him “Ka George” and I think his fascination is based in no small part due to the fact that George is basically a toddler in a monkey’s body.. always trying to be good but failing miserably by getting into trouble at every turn!  Anyway, I thought for the price (under $10 for a hardcover including 5 stories) it was a great value. The only downside is that it’s a bit heavy and Jasper likes to carry it around with him – I worry he’ll drop it on his little feet!

Now that our book collection has expanded both in quality and quantity, it’s time for a proper bookshelf!  Until now I’ve been stacking the books on a chair next to the glider, but book landslides have become a common occurance. If anyone has found a nice inexpensive small bookshelf for their toddler’s room/nursery I’d love to hear about it!

Have a great weekend everyone :)

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Stephanie says:

Lucy’s shoes, Lucy’s bathrobes, Lucy’s teapots – love, love, love the illustrations in those books! (I keep reading though that they’ve done a redesign and that newer versions of the books have much less detailed drawings. So sad!)

So glad Jasper is enjoying McDuff. He might enjoy “McDuff Comes Home” too because McDuff gets to go for a ride in a motorcycle sidecar.!

Ginger loves Curious George too! Although she has this weird thing about Curious George/Trader Joe’s. She refers to both as “Curious Joe’s.”

Ava says:

Here’s a list of the book I enjoy reading

* Too many frogs – Asher/Graves
* How do dinosaurs get well soon – Yolen/Teague
* Incredible Me – Appelt/Karas
* Naked mole rat gets dressed – Willems
* Llama, llama mad at mamma – Dewdney
* Falling for Rapunzel – Wilcox/Monks
* Goodnight Opus – Breathed
* Starry safari – Ashman/Mack
* Late for school – Calmenson/Yoshikawa
* Dinosaur’s binket – Boynton (OK, this is a board book, but one of G’s faves)
* Pajama time – Boynton (board book too, but G makes us read it every day)
* Cinder the bubble blowing dragon – Adnerson

Yeah, we have a lot more books than this, but these are at least mine and G’s faves. S can chime in with his own.

ariana says:

Thanks so much Ava!!

Ava says:

Oooh, G has a pretty nice collection of bigger kid books. I will have to send you a list of what we have. I’ve actually started a collection of non-board, non-hard-cover books. I just make sure that I read them, and he can only turn the pages. Also I store them on a shelf he can’t reach.

Anyway, I’ll get you a list this week-end.

sarah says:

I saw a super cute DIY idea. rain gutters aa book shelves!
Here is the link

they are pretty cute!

ariana says:

Audra, Ikea is always a great option!

Sarah, thanks :) I have always thought that One Step ahead bookshelf was an AMAZING value!! And cute to boot! It reminds me of the one Kari posted which is really classic looking, but more pricey.

Audra says:

We picked up the classic Ikea Expedit 2×4…or I would love the 4×4 if we had the room! The 2×4 can be turned long or tall ways, depending on the space. Ikea just dropped their prices on the Expedit so I bet you can get it for under $100.

Sarah says:

I’ve been reading your blog for about 9 months now and haven’t posted before, but wanted to say a few things:

I always look forward to your posts; they are so relatable and fun to read.

My son (17 mos) love the Curious George Collection, too. If it keeps up we may have a George B-day party in our future!

I got my small bookcase from Staples (it’s just laminate, but it was 20 dollars and a good fit for our room) but if I had to do it over again I would get the one from One Step Ahead because my idea of a toddler keeping books stacked neatly on a shelf has proven to be totally misguided. My friend has One Step Ahead’s and it’s nice and small:

my bookcase:

One Step Ahead’s:

kari says:

Liam’s Grandpa bought him the Curious George Collection – I too am so happy that he is finally ready/ enjoying it!!

re: bookshelves – I have my eye on this one from Land of Nod…