Jasper’s First Haircut

Of course I was that crazy mamarazzi snapping a million pictures.  Perhaps a little overzealous given the conservative results – we only asked her to clean up the crazy flyaways (see the first picture for the evidence). No buzz cut for Jasper, I don’t think I could handle him coming out of the chair looking like a 10 year old!


flyaways front


flyaways side


inspecting his pompadour-with-mullet in the mirror!


the motorcycle was the perfect distraction..


taking a little off the back..


and a little off the side..




touching it up.. all done!

He did really really good, the only tantrum he threw was when they tried to put the smock on him, which is why you see him smockless in these pictures. It worked out ok because she was saving the clippings to put in a little baggy they attached to a “first haircut” certificate. Personally, I find the old hair in a bag thing slightly maudlin, but I’m not going to throw it out or anything.

Now that he looks so handsome, I sort of wish we’d done it sooner!

All images shot with my Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 50mm 1.4 Lens using available light.

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Samm says:

Adorable! I love it.

Leah says:

this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! i love the motorcycle shot. :-)

Amber says:

i LOVE it!!! Luke is getting his first haircut this week!!! more accurately, his bangs cut, lol.

Alicia says:

He looks adorable! Huge fan of boys getting haircuts sooner rather than later!

Licia says:

Aw! so cute!!

ariana says:

Kristy, can’t wait to see! I can’t believe daddy did the haircut after all his objections to it :) Yay for no more gel!

Kristy says:

Yay! SOOO cute! Glad he survived! As you know, JoJo FINALLY got a haircut too… at TWO! We went short and he looks like he’s going to kindergarten :-) No more gel in the morning! Daddy did the haircut… it was quite an experience! I’ll have to send you a pic! Yay Jasper!

Kimberly says:

So sweet! I tried to hold off for the longest time on James’ first haircut… but in the absence of ANY curls whatsoever, it had to be done long ago. Jasper looks precious, and I LOVE the fauxhawk!!! ;)

Ava says:

Yeah! Go Jasper (and you for surviving the first cut).
Love the fauxhawk too.