Happy Mother’s Day!

Card designed for my mom by my beautiful and talented sister!

To all of my wonderful mommy readers, thank you for making being a mom so much more fun and so much less lonely.. I seriously feel like I couldn’t do it without all of you! So thank you for all of the advice, encouragement, companionship and virtual shoulders to cry on.

My mother’s day weekend was busy.. Saturday morning Jeff & I I took Jasper to get his first haircut! I took so many pictures it warrants it’s own future post (later this week).  That afternoon I drove Jasper to Brooklyn by myself for the first time to celebrate Lola’s second birthday.

Lola blows out her candle with a little help from Mom.

Jasper bonding with his new best friend Yannis.

We had a fabulous brunch, a little too much prosecco and then Lola’s mom Sara, my friend Amy and I took Lola & Jasper to prospect park for some pictures.

It was 4pm or so, NOT the ideal time for pictures. The sun was too high in the sky still, and what little shade there was either was dotted with people or dappled but it didn’t keep me from trying! Last time we tried to get these two to hug or give each other a kiss Jasper was playing hard to get.. but not this time.  Maybe Jasper knew that this was his last chance to get a kiss from Lola before she moves to San Francisco?  Either way, I got this series of images of the two of them together that kind of shocked me because they look so OLD together.. I mean they look like kids, but there’s something in their interaction that makes them look like high school sweethearts or something! (I also think that with his new haircut Jasper looks a bit like a toddler version of Stefan Salvatore from Vampire Diaries. Yes, I am aware that with that statement I am admitting that I watch Vampire Diaries!)

Just let me straighten your tie dear..



True Love

That last picture alone was worth the trip to Brooklyn! Which incidentally, went pretty well.  At least the trip THERE went well. Jasper napped and woke up just before we arrived.   The way back was a little trickier because a) Jasper was awake and b) my GPS refused to acquire signal at prospect park leaving me clueless how to get home. Thank god for the iPhone because I was able to use my yahoo maps ap to guide me to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Jasper whined most of the way to the bridge culminating in him dropping Bear on the FDR (for those of you who haven’t driven on the FDR there is no shoulder, no where to pull over and retrieve a bear!)  Finally, thankfully,  he fell asleep about twenty minutes from home.  Figures that as soon as I feel confident enough to tote Jasper back and forth to Brooklyn for playdates with our best friends half of them have already moved or are moving to the West Coast!

Sunday (mother’s day) was really nice, I got a gorgeous boquet of flowers and both of my grandmother’s, my aunt Ellen and my cousin Ryan came to visit.   I hadn’t seen Ryan in forever and it was his first time meeting Jasper.. Jasper was quite enthralled with his new playmate. Unfortunately the crazy high winds (gusting at about 50mph all day!) did our power and cable in, so it was an “unplugged” day, which was a little crazy but also kind of a nice change of pace.. I read myself to sleep last night for the first time in I don’t know how long.

So my off the grid mother’s day is why I may not have answered your text, email or facebook mother’s day message, but I assure you I was thinking about all of you yesterday and hoping you all had the wonderful and relaxing day you deserve!

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Kaeli says:

HOW FRIGGIN WEIRD! Haha excuse my intro… My fiance and I just made our own closet today in our 2nd room that is a very light denim shade of blue with white trim (much like your nursery) and plan to use it as our nursery. I came across your blog while looking at different closet organizing ideas [the photo of J’s organized drawer comes up on google]. Anyway, I made my fiance come look at the computer screen because I was in shock–your nursery has a beautiful tree mural, MUCH like the one I’ve sketched up and have been dreaming about.. Once I saw the photo of Jasper I couldn’t get over how much he looked like this other little boy I had just seen a photo of yesterday… on ILP!!!!! Tell me that’s not a freaky set of ka-winka-dinks?!?!

ariana says:

Kaeli, that IS so weird!! The world wide web can be so shockingly small sometimes :) I’d love to see a picture of your nursery when it’s done!

ariana says:

Thanks Yvonne, you too!

Hi Cassandra, thanks for delurking and welcome!

Cassandra says:

Hello..I have been a lurker for awhile. My best friend, who is also a lurker, sent me your blog awhile ago. I am a new photgrapher and I stuggle with IF also…So she thought I would love your blog and she is soooo right. I do. So thanks..Thanks for being awesome. Thanks for your tips, tricks, freeby links..and thanks for being an awesome mommy and sharing that with us…

Your very talented:)

Yvonne says:

Happy Mother’s Day, Ariana!!!!

ariana says:

Thanks for the mother’s day wishes all!

Sara, no spare bear (god, I wish!) he just dropped it on the seat where he couldn’t reach him. I had to wait until we got to a spot with traffic where I could turn around and see where he was and then got REALLY lucky that I could JUST reach him! I need a bungie cord for that bear!

Sara B. says:

Happy Mother’s Day, Ariana! What became of Bear? Do you have a spare? Spare bear?!

Samm says:

I LOVE Jasper’s hair in the photos. (Great job styling it, mommy!). He’s such a handsome one!

kari says:

Happy Mother’s Day Ari!
These shots are just priceless!

Juliana says:

Happy belated Mother’s day!!! And the pictures are amazing!! Loved them!!

Sarah says:

Happy belated Mother’s Day, Ariana! I haven’t visited in a little while, but the photos are lovely, as always. They seem magical and timeless.