Wordless Wednesday

Son of a Toy Designer..

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Georgia says:

THAT is freaking adorable.

Claudia says:

I totally thought of E.T. when I saw this.

Kimberly says:

OMG those big brown eyes of his just slay me. So, so cute!!!

ariana says:

Oh, and good call kari, he totally looks like ET hiding in the closet!

Justina, I think his dad did the burying!

ariana says:

Shane, I don’t know who/what started Wordless Wednesday but I’ve seen it around other blogs so someone did!

Honestly, I have a hard time being truly “wordless” as you can see by my caption!

And yes, it’s open to all captions! :)

Alicia says:

too stinkin cute!

Shane says:

I love this topic — will it be a regular post? I think we may have to borrow it to add to our Foto Friday and Movie Monday posts. Do you want to encourage readers to ‘create’ their own captions? Here’s mine:

“More, More, More”

kari says:

… jasper … phone … home …

cutie pie!

Justina says:

Cute! Did he bury himself in toys, or did you pile it on? :)