Two Major Crib Recalls

I’m working on a video tutorial on channels that I hope to post this afternoon, but in the meantime I wanted to spread the word about two major crib recalls that were announced yesterday. The first is for all simplicity cribs with metal tubular supports, and is quite scary as it resulted in an infant death.

The second is for Graco drop side cribs, unfortunately Jasper has one of these at my parents’ house!   I’ve always wondered about that drop side mechanism.. Jasper’s crib at becoming-home is not a drop side and I have to say I much prefer it. As far as I’m concerned, the less moving parts the better!

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Shane says:

Our crib is on the recall list and I’m bummed. I think the retrofit kit is going to make the crib a fixed side. I really want a drop side and wouldn’t have purchased the crib w/o the drop side. If anyone knows of any DIY hack/mod to improve the drop side function let me know.

They are sending retrofit hardware in 2-3 weeks (yes, WEEKS). as if I can find another place for a kid to sleep for 3 weeks without either buying a new crib or getting a toddler bed. Someone should explain to this company about internet speed :-(

Jenny says:

Being nosy…and obviously don’t feel that you need to answer…are you and DH still together? I know there were some rough patches in the past. Either way, I hope you are happy and well.

Shane says:

@Mommy D – check the listing closely (Which I need to do since we have a Graco Lauren). My first quick pass looked like it was only for certain manufacturered periods. Yours may be before the periods that are being recalled.

ariana says:

Janae, glad you got that taken care of!!

Mommy D, so frightening isn’t it? The ones where babies actually DIED as a result of the defects are so impossibly sad.. :( I can’t even think about it too much or I start crying, seriously!

Mommy D says:

That is so frightening…. My munchkin sleeps in a Simplicity Ellis 4-in-1 right now so this makes me very wary of letting her use it anymore…. And it’s sad because I ADORE this crib and it’s been through 2 children and I can’t imagine what I would do if my daughter was trapped an suffocated or fell out of the crib… Thank you for the update… I’m forwarding to all of my friends that have children…

Janae says:

We have a Simplicity crib, and we returned it yesterday.