Photoshop Friday: Using Channels for Correction and B&W Conversions

We’ve never delved into channels before here (except for channels adjustment layer tweaks) and truth be told I’d forgotten what a useful tool channels are to have in your photoshop arsenal until recently!

Here we cover how to make adjustments to spot areas that lack detail and also how you can use the information from one channel to spruce up your black and white conversions.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Vera says:

Oh, and I wanted to add that I was just working on a photo that had a boy in a red shirt. His red shirt looked fine in the color edit, and when I checked the RGB numbers, they were within an acceptable range, but when I ran a BW conversion action, the red was blown. Or I thought it was the red. Thanks to this video, now I know how to go back and figure out just what color was losing detail so I can fix it!

Vera says:

I’ve been looking for more information on channels, and this is the first helpful video I’ve seen. Thanks a ton!

Allie says:

are you able to use this in photoshop elements? i had a hard time finding the channels info.
thanks! i love your tutorials–they have been very helpful!

Bruce says:

Your tutorials are so helpful! Thank you!

Hi, thanks a lot for this information! Photoshop surely is a wonderful program!

Kristen says:

Thanks again Ariana!! I’ll have to watch at home when it’s not blocked.

BTW, your set is sooo ready. Especially with those last maternity pictures with the sun haze. I would definitely add one to your set, shows you can handle different lighting, and you’re there without a doubt!

Fiona says:

Hi Ariana

Thanks for the tutorial. I’m afraid I am no where near able to understand it though…nothing to do with you – you are a great teacher but I have hardly any idea about post production…which is why I ask the following.

Is it at all possible that you could do a photoshop and/or lightroom overview tutorial for those of us who don’t understand all the fandangled thingies you can do….I only have iphoto and was wanting to invest in some editing software but I have no idea what I should get or what I should expect/look for in such software.

What is lightroom? What is the difference between photoshop, lightroom and aperture or the other editing software available? Which should I get to begin with? What could I start doing as a beginner? These are just some ideas that perhaps you might be able to help with. I know it’s a lot to deal with…but for example…I have no idea what a layer is…

Sorry to be so dumb!

Thanks…love the photos!

Fiona x

Diana says:

Your tutorials are so helpful! Thank you!