Jasper Eating with a Spoon

At the kitchen table (in his new FP healty care Booster seat) like a big boy!

I’m impressed with his newfound coordination.   He used to flip the spoon upside down before it went into his mouth which made anything less thick than say cement fall right into his lap! So this is an exciting new development..

I know I said I was going to blog about the Tractors & Tiaras pictures today but allergies are kicking my butt right now.   I fell asleep last night at 9pm so I didn’t have time to get any more editing done.  I think maybe it was shooting in an orchard on a windy day (hello tree pollen!) but for the past three days I feel like I could fall asleep for 30 years and STILL be tired!   I tried Allegra, but that makes me even more tired.   So hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some pics to share..

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Ariana says:

Aw, thanks mandoo! My best friend lives in dc so it’s not outside the realm of possibility…

mandoo says:

Just wanted to second that I would TOTALLY do your prices — for all the work, thought, and effort you put into it, heck yeah! If you’re ever in the DC area, let me know…

kari says:

i love this! he is so happy :)

allergies are BAD here too! i recently became a fan of the neti pot – and flonase :) i hope you find relief soon!

and if i lived closer – i would TOTALLY book you for my family photos!!!

any trips to LA planned??? – oh, maybe when you guys win the mom icon contest!!

ariana says:

Thanks Lisa, me too :)

Heather, seriously I don’t know which is worse.. allergy induced stupor or allergy medication induced stupor! I would love do to your family photos! Email me when you want to set up a date. I was truly surprised by those prices.. and I say that as a photographer who’s prices aren’t the cheapest around!! I guess the fact that they are in business means that there are some people willing to pay their prices, which I guess is good news in a weird way :)

Lisa says:

Awwww, he makes me smile! What a precious little guy.

Heather says:

Ugh, these allergies…me too! I took Zyrtec and thought I’d never wake up and function!

Also, I’d love to have you take some family photos of us. Perhaps early summer once we can both be outside w/o sneezing! Could you BELIEVE those prices at Venture Portraits??? Sick!