Apple Orchard in Bloom

I’m preparing for a shoot this weekend that’s going to be so much fun! Think tiaras, tractors, Jasper his girlfriend Lola and you’ll see why this is a bit of a challenge.. first of all, where to find a tractor??  How to shoot TWO toddlers,  and where does a toddler even SIT on a tractor? I really have no idea, I’m just winging it! But I have done my due dilligence, I found a tractor (a bit of a miracle) and checked out the lighting and the spot where I want to shoot and brought Jasper there yesterday.

He was in NO MOOD for photos, in fact he was completely unwilling to part with Paci, I had to play tug of war with him just to steal it and get just one paci free shot.  Oh well, at least he kept his hat on!

(see these bigger on my photography website)
Images taken with the 5D Mark II, Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8 Lens wide open at 2.8, SS 350 and ISO 100

I’ve been really loving B&W and backlighting lately..there’s just something so magical about it.  I was really happy to discover a free b&w action set someone posted a link to on Clickinmoms. It’s a simple gradient layer conversion, but there are some other layers you can toggle on and off to customize it and even adjust the contrast layer for example (I find that the blacks are a bit too black so often slide the right slider back over to the left on the “contrast pop” layer).

But this isn’t just a plain B&W conversion action, it also has a set of haze and overlay actions that are pretty fun to play around with.

You can get the action from Amy McMaster’s blog and see some examples too.


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Cassandra says:

Im simply in love with these actions…thanks ooooooooooooo much!! I have learned so much from reading your blog..I know I say that alot but its true!

ariana says:

Hi Heather.. wow, thank you!!! I checked their website and it looks like they close to the public at 4pm :( I need to shoot about an hour before sunset.

I always forget that you are (semi)local. I really want to expand my location scouting to Westchester County so if you can think of any gorgeous spots PLEASE let me know!!!

Oh, and if you have any pictures of your son on the tractor I’d LOVE to see!!!

Alicia says:

Yay! Have fun! Love these pics, but I have to say I like the color versions you posted on flickr better.
I think tractors have seats to sit on.
I always wing it; incapable of prior planning of any sort. Since you did your diligence, I’m sure you pics will be better than perfect!

Heather says:

There’s a tractor at Muscoot Farm in Westchester…it’s stationary, so kids can sit on it. My son actually spent most of this morning sitting on it! (Also, very cute baby lambs and goats!)

Have fun!